Butchery Manager – SPAR

Job Information


City : Gaborone, Botswana

Industry: Retail

Work Experience : 5+ years

Salary : Based on Experience

Job Description

The Wentzel group of Spar’s are looking for an experience Butchery Manager to oversee each of our Butcheries. We currently have 5 Butcheries, one in each Spar.

Key Requirements:


  • Food Safety training and housekeeping
  • Management skills
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory control
  • Meat cutting skills




  • Detailed knowledge of butchery retail cuts, value added products and all species processed in a retail butchery
  • Knowledge on controls and cold chain principles and ideal temperatures for storing meat products
  • Accurate Production planning to maintain ideal stock levels of unprocessed stock and retail cuts
  • Skilled Meat cutting techniques to minimize waste
  • Knowledge of Cooking techniques and methods for meat preparation and serving
  • Knowledge of Quality indicators when examining products for purchase and retail sale

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Implement Daily production plans
  • Ensure counters are filled before trading start (0800hrs)
  • Ensure correct products in correct quantities available at the correct time of day
  • Ensure equipment is used correctly and safely according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Ensure cutting losses are minimized and evaluated via the block tests
  • Cut a variety of all meat species into retail cuts
  • Produce a range of butchery byproducts including minces and sausages etc.
  1. Control stock
  • Ensure all stock is rotated on a continual basis in all areas of the butchery
  • Limit the loss potential by effectively reworking rewraps
  • Monitor meat temperatures of all meat received and to be maintained between 0-5degrees at all times
  • Maintain standards of product presentations as set out by your butchery manager
  • Conduct spot checks on the range and presentation of all retail displays to ensure standards are being maintained


  1. POS and Pricing
  • Conduct spot checks on scales to ensure they are correctly calibrated
  • Ensure correct scale labels are used for the correct products with the correct sell by dates and cooking instructions
  • Conduct spot checks to ensure that all prices and POS is being maintained
  • Ensure the correct packaging is used for specific products
  1. Hygiene & Housekeeping
  • Ensure All equipment is cleaned and sanitized  at the end of each shift using suitable cleaning agents
  • Ensure All facilities used are cleaned and sanitized at the end of each shift
  • Ensure Cold room are cleaned prior to each delivery and stock is rotated
  • Ensure Freezers are cleaned once per month and stock is rotated
  • Ensure knives, saws and other equipment are cleaned  and sanitized daily and sharpened regularly
  • Ensure Cleaning schedules are implemented according to the butchery manager’s requirements
  • Ensure you implement clean as you go all the time
  • Ensure that the right color coding is used and stock is available
  • Ensure that all temperatures for fridges are taken daily
  • Ensure that all stock is elevated from the floor in could rooms and deep freezers.
  1. Customers
  • Follow systems used to ensure that all customer orders are produced to quality standards in the correct time
  • Develop customer relationships with all your regular customers
  • Make sure that customers gets what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it.
  • Keep customers returning by satisfying them.

This position is available to Citizen’s and Non-Citizen’s, as a sign of professionalism only apply if you have more than 5 Years experience as a Butchery Supervisor or Manager. Applicant must be willing to move and live in Gaborone, Botswana.

Please attached all certificates as well as references.

Application closes 31.01.2018