Cashier – Spar

Position Title: Cashier


Job purpose: The purpose of the Cashier is to serve customers by ringing up customers purchases accurately and courteously


Reports to: Front End Supervisor


Minimum Experience and qualifications

  • Form 5
  • Previous cashier experience as a part time cashier or trainee  (minimum 1 year) will be advantagous
  • Fluency in English and Setswana

Key Requirements:


  • Numeracy skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills


  • Knowledge of different forms of legal payment method and how to identify fraudulent money
  • Hygiene and housekeeping standards required and how to achieve those standards
  • Knowledge f Products sold in the store and where they can be found in the store
  • Familiarity with systems used to manage the front end
  • Ability to package customer merchandise effectively
  • Integrity

Key Responsibilities

  1. Operate Front end Equipment including:
  • Point of sale terminal
  • Speed point / Swiping Machine


  1. Processing various forms of payment including
  • Cash  /Bank cards




  1. Stock handling
  • Ensure all products are  handled with care, to the satisfaction of the customer and ring up each and every item up at the till point
  • When doing customer transaction ensure that  customer’s trolley / basket is empty before concluding the transaction  and all family /friend purchases should be referred to another cashier at all times


  1. Hygiene, Safety and Housekeeping
  • Checkouts/ till points equipment.
  • Plastics/ packaging materials
  • Goodies/ products for sale at the  till points should be well displayed, clean and tidy
  • Maintain a safe workstation at all times in compliance with the store’s safety procedures and policy
  • All personal belongings are locked up in staff lockers at all times


  1. Signage and Pricing
  • Non scanning products are to be  reported to the supervisor immediately
  • Price Look Up’s (PLU)  should always be accurate for each  item
  • Promotional products are charged at the correct price for the full period of the promotion.


  1. Customer service
  • Advise  customers of any difficulties in processing their transactions
  • Customer feedback should be recorded and shared with the front end supervisor daily All customer complaints are referred to the Front end supervisor
  • Greet each customer at your Point of sale terminal before you ring up their purchases
  • Uniform & Name badges should be worn at all times and should be up to the store standards on a daily basis
  • Develop friendly, but professional relationships with customers without becoming too familiar
  • Give each and every customer attention without being distracted by other staff members



Training Required

The incumbent will require to be trained on the following to perform to satisfactory levels

  • POSWARE Point of sale Training
  • Cashier Training
  • Debit Card / Speed point training