CFS Representative-Associate

Offer stage – an offer is being made to the suitable candidate

Overview of role

With appropriate guidance, performs defined duties to support the effective management of Customer accounts &/or debts outstanding whilst directly contributing to the optimum Customer Experience. Includes direct Customer contact, using courteous & professional behaviours and established processes to provide standard services/solutions that are within approved financial parameters. For non-routine situations may work under guidance to develop the customised solution.

Concentrates on either account management or credit control but may perform some aspects of both areas.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • In all transactions, takes ownership of the Customer query/account & uses structured questioning to gain a clear understanding of the Customer’s perspective & requirements. Shows courtesy & professionalism throughout the transaction & demonstrates commitment to the Customer on a moment to moment basis.
  • Uses appropriate methods to effectively organise own workload & maintain required progress against individual & team targets. Maintains transparency of actions by making timely & accurate updates to relevant systems ensuring an appropriate level of detail. May involve communications with impacted departments (CT, Sales & Operations etc) to provide routine types of information or feedback.
  • Reviews and evaluates less complex/low value accounts for assigned Customers to accurately determine their financial/trading status. Evaluation takes account of multiple factors (output from credit reference, trading value, size of Company etc). Makes an initial decision on trading conditions (credit limit, billing cycles, payment terms etc) based on established financial parameters. May review more complex/high value accounts with guidance.
  • Uses appropriate communication method & terminology to relay the initial decision to the Customer (letter, email, call). As required, evaluates options with the Customer & demonstrates flexibility in exploring a compromise solution. Seeks guidance to find an approved solution that protects revenue but accommodates the Customer’s specific requirements.
  • Reviews and evaluates accounts for assigned Customer queries, seeking guidance on new or exception situations, in order to accurately determine the validity of the query & required actions. Evaluation takes account of multiple factors (P&P that impacts the transaction, terms & conditions of shipping & route cause of error etc). Initiates & co-ordinates actions through to a final resolution working within established financial parameters. May involve other functions (Sales, CT, GTS) when required.
  • Keeps the Customer updated on the status of progress.
  • Ensures the integrity of revenue reporting & correct financial records by making accurate & timely entries into the Accounts Receivables & related systems (credits, write-offs, cash applications, refunds etc). All actions are in compliance with financial P&P & the Customer’s specific contractual terms.
  • Achieves cash flow targets by building a professional relationships with each Customer, setting required expectations in order to ensure timely & full payment for services. Systematically focuses on overdue accounts, initiating contact to identify & remove any barriers preventing payment. Under guidance, may agree tailored compromise solutions to return the Customer to an acceptable trading profile.
  • Performs required processing duties that enable the effective completion of transactions (apply cash, fax, research un-applied cash etc) within defined financial parameters & controls.

Minimum Requirements

  • Basic P.C skills including use Word with good keyboard skills
  • Basic knowledge of Intranet and automation tools
  • Basic understanding of key accounting principles including reconciliation of simple accounts
  • Formal accounting or book-keeping qualification
  • Basic telephone skills (experience of dealing with external Customers)
  • Basic commercial awareness
  • Basic understanding of how a business is structured including key processes, services, business goals & the roles of main business functions
  • Basic knowledge of Customer financial services including processes, procedures and systems
  • Good administrative skills (experience of providing services/support for Customers)
  • Good self-organisational skill

Attributes Requirements

  • Fluent in local language(s)
  • Basic command of English
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic interpersonal skills
  • Good influencing and persuasion skills
  • Good team working skills with experience of contributing to effective team performance
  • Results focused with experience of taking the initiative to achieve required progress
  • Able to understand and correctly apply Policies and Procedures
  • Good problem solving skills with experience of analysing and developing robust solutions to standard/less complex requirements/issues
  • Good standard of numeracy
  • Methodical, accurate with attention to detail
  • Good judgement and verbal reasoning ability

Company profile

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