Chief Technical Officer – telecommunications, fibre

CTO – telecoms

The position exists to exploit business opportunities in areas where shareholder value is maximised as a major connectivity wholesaler and retailer in Botswana. The CTO’s key objective is to provide the requisite infrastructure and technology platform to enable connectivity through fibre optics and associated technologies in a manner that provides solutions to the clients. The objective is achieved through a deep insight of clients’ needs and delivering to their expectation through a well prepared and motivated workforce.


Decides on most suitable technology to deploy to meet customer expectations.
Decides on purchases for Operations and Network development.
Decides on network expansion designs and project implementation schedules.
Decides on network project implementation priorities.
Decides on Information Technology systems acquisitions and prioritisation

Strategic Planning
Contributes to overall company strategy and policy making by advising the CEO on the technical implications of decisions.
Understand and participating in the LTB strategic planning process.
Formulation of strategic plans for the directorate setting out the vision, mission and objectives of the directorate with strategies for developing the department in response to the needs of LTB and capacity building for the division to have the competency and proficiency in carrying out Technical assignments.
Formulation, directing and executing of technical support strategies.
Formulate Technical policies and strategies in line with LTB business plans annually.
Review the Technical policies and strategies in line with LTB mission as required based on the economic environment.
Management of Technical strategy & support
Define issues requiring policy decisions and propose solutions to the CEO and relevant executives.
Coordinate and approve development and implementation of network development plans annually.
Coordinate formulation of capital budgets for acquisition, construction, installation and commission of Internet and data networks, Voice and IT annually.
Approve all network capital expenditure within set limits continuously.
Devise strategies to exploit opportunities given available strengths and mitigatory measures for weaknesses and threats identified.
Ensure Network availability at any given period according to the SLA of network uptime
Ensure that Network performance statistics and analysis are produced to understand the network health and institute corrective measures.
Designs and implements an effective and cost conscious network equipment and software maintenance strategy
Liaise with national, regulatory and international bodies
Attend relevant departmental and stakeholder meetings as required.
Prepare reports weekly for the CEO.
Attend to urgent requests from the CEO.
Client Management
Communicate effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions and strategies.
Continually defines ways to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
Maintains lasting client relationships.
Ensures that we consistently deliver superior technical solutions to clients.
Solution Development and Delivery
Serves as a technical expert representative across teams, clients, and the Telecommunications technology industry.
Offers technical support across practices in offering definition and positioning.
Suggests alternative technical solutions to meet client requirements more efficiently, and/or with greater reusability, and / or longer life.
Innovator Development
Participates in all programs and enforces all policies relating to performance evaluations and career development planning.
Mentors key technical staff.
Creates an environment where Innovators can successfully achieve professional career path goals.
Manages the development of technical managers and senior technical managers.


Internal Operations
Reviews status reports of Technical Managers and Senior Technical Managers and addresses issues as appropriate.
Prepare network optimization as per requirements by various stakeholders.
Enforces standard policies and procedures.

Performance Management
Develop a performance management framework to ensure that the team is delivering against its performance indicators and service standards.
Formulate and cascade to departments measurable and time bound objectives that are consistent with the broad corporate objectives annually.
Measure achievement of these objectives through review of submitted reports from Senior Management continuously.
Conduct department meetings monthly for Performance Management reviews.
Undertake all performance related activities in accordance with the LTBs Standard.
People Management
Undertake all aspects of staff management and development including monitoring and addressing quality standards. Ensure systems of management control are operating in order that work is performed efficiently, effectively and safely.
Deliver team meetings and briefings and to attend relevant training courses when required.
Deal with staffing issues ensuring staff are recruited and retained and developed to fulfil their potential. To take responsibility for absence, disciplinary and grievance policies.

A University Degree in Telecoms or Electronics Engineering.
Master’s Degree in B.Admin

10 years’ experience in telecoms at managerial level.
Hands on experience and deep understanding of IP/MPLS, FTTx, DWDM, ADSS/OPGW rollouts and ISP systems mandatory