Curriculum Manager – The Young 1ove

Primary Purpose: The Young 1ove Curriculum Manager will be responsible for designing a new intervention based on learnings on multiple RCTs on “sugar daddy awareness”. They will create brand new curricula for Young 1ove’s first expansion into 1 – 2 evidence-based programming that fit our niche and mandate, standardized, locally relevant, and scalable, capable of reaching up for 1 million girls in Eastern and Southern Africa. The Curriculum Manager will further have internal departmental management responsibilities and serve in a strategic decision-making capacity regarding curriculum-related scale partnerships. This includes serving as a liaison with implementation partners, government agencies, and thought leaders in the curriculum and development space.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Compilation, processing, analysis and reporting on field implementation (pulling from own experience in the field, focus groups with youth and facilitators, quantitative survey results analysis, pulling learnings from our research department etc) for synthesis into future curriculum.
  • Designing a new intervention based on learnings on multiple RCTs on “sugar daddy awareness” to local contexts in Southern Africa, including managing pilots to test efficacy and designing and implementing an M&E system to assess efficacy.
  • Construction of standardized, quality curriculum that adheres to the evidence and is also user-friendly,facilitating impact at scale.
  • Management of curriculum officers within the department.
  • Serving as a liaison with potential implementing and scale partners (NGOs, Governments, etc).
  • Developing and articulating overall vision for Curriculum department that is both evidence and impact driven as well as geared towards scale.


Individual must have worked in education environments and youth (e.g. public/private/charter schools &after-school programs, life skills programs) teaching, lesson-planning, or writing curricula for at least 2-3 years and have at least a Bachelors degree with strong writing skills and visual aesthetic recommended. Note that this is not a teaching or facilitation post but one that is anchored to creating curriculum content and documentation.


  • Detail oriented – Can process, record and react to details relating to effective implementation and produce written work which captures “the devil in the details.”
  • Ability to create “structure out of nothing” – Strong ability to turn a visual reality or imagined outcome into a codified set of steps, actions and goals on paper.
  • Open – mindedness – Must be able to balance having a set of strong skills and track record with openness to feedback, learning, growth and collaboration among colleagues. Can work with partners to develop curriculum in local & regional languages (e.g. English, Ndebele, Setswana etc).
  • Teamwork – Good interpersonal skills; ability to lead teamwork sessions; demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. Must be able to work well with other managers and officers.
  • Energy, motivation and stamina – Must be able to remain enthusiastic and produce quality work under pressure, short-notice and sub-optimal conditions (such as power outages).
  • Self-starter – The creative energy and drive to innovate and take deliverables a step further within a set scope; to not just meet expectations but exceed them and add a unique and relevant twist that will accelerate the organization forward rather than grow it linearly.

Time period: 12-month contract, with potential for extension pending performance.