SystemOne was founded in 2012 to connect medical diagnostic instruments directly into the health systems of developing nations. Our initial product GxAlert ( has already been adopted in over 35 countries around the world, facilitating faster patient time to treatment, streamlined supply chains, and better quality utilization of medical instruments. SystemOne endeavors to ensure that digitized diagnostic results drive better patient outcomes in the field by reporting better quality data, faster. SystemOne currently has offices in Springfield, Massachusetts and Johannesburg, South Africa. We have a fast-moving, hard-working team focused on results for our customers.

In order to support the ongoing GxAlert deployment, promote further in-country utilization and improve local capacity of the GxAlert platform, a local Botswanan GxAlert Data Manager staff member will be hired and trained by SystemOne to support the NTP/NTRL and KNCV officers in the day-to-day operational management of GxAlert. This Data Manager is intended to integrate with the existing KNCV, NTP and NTRL team to ensure improved consumption, response and actioning of insights gained through the GxAlert platform.

The responsibilities of the Data Manager will include:

  • Managing day-to-day activities, reports and monitoring the performance of GxAlert in Botswana.
  • Report on these insights with the various stakeholders and ensure information is actioned and recorded.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving when providing Tier 1 troubleshooting to identify any platform and connectivity issues, and work with the local stakeholders to resolve. Record all tickets in Jira Service Desk and collaborate with South Africa SystemOne staff for resolution. This may require in-country travel to GeneXpert sites.
  • Organize, implement and enforce the correct data collection/review/analysis policies and methods as required and requested by the national program.
  • Provide training and re-training of laboratory and programme staff on the features, use and data collection components of GxAlert.
  • Develop any necessary job-aids and quick reference guides to assist various stakeholders with the relevant system features.
  • Provide remote access, under the supervision of the NTP staff, for the GxAlert to the SystemOne development and support staff to resolve any server software-related issues.
  • Provide documented, bi-monthly (twice per month), updates on the GxAlert status, identified problems, resolved problems and items requiring action to SystemOne, KNCV, NTP and NTRL groups.
  • Ensure Botswana to achieve a 5-Star Rating, in APA4, which would require:
    • No GeneXpert instrument offline, for more than 10 days, without a valid status assigned detailing the reason for not reporting (1 Star)
    • More than 80% of instruments reporting at any given time (1 Star)
    • All pertinent SMS and e-mail notifications configured and working correctly (1 Star)
    • All facilities have stock information correctly captured (1 Star)
    • All facilities have the Calibration and Warranty information correctly captured (1 Star)


  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming, or other IT-related field.
  • At least 2 years of relevant professional experience in IT network administration including internet access support, preferably with connected diagnostics experience.
  • Ability to manage tasks to completion in cooperation with stakeholders within the health system.
  • A comprehensive ability to work in collaboration with high-level managers and technical advisors.
  • A demonstrated ability to work independently.
  • Fluent in English.

The Data Manager will be a member of the SystemOne implementation team and report to the Service and Support lead.

Please learn about SystemOne at, and send a cover letter and resume, with references (including their contact information) to, by November 10, 2017. Our core values are:

  • Do good and create lasting value.
  • Be pragmatic and keep it simple.
  • Be worthy of respect.
  • Make the journey matter.

If these do not resonate with you, then you should not apply. If they do, and you have the skills described above, please send your information.