Debswana Diamond Company — Technical Services would like to invite suitably qualified innovative, results oriented and self-driven individuals to apply for the position listed and described below and join a professional team driven by service excellence, where the demands of the business are met by encouraging team work and addressing the needs of the individual.



Ref: DCC 0000254

Tenable at Debswana Corporate Centre


Job Summary

To provide an effective geotechnical engineering service to meet the objectives of a project during all

study phases.


Minimum Requirements


  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Engineering Geologi, Rock Mechanics or BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied/Mining Geology / with post graduate qualifications in Engineering Geolog/ or Rock Mechanics,
  • At least 8 years post-graduation experience in mining or engineering geology consultancy environment of which 3 years should have been as a Senior Mine Geologist/Geotechnical or equivalent level, SHE Training, Numerical Modeling and Limit Equilibrium Analysis Training,
  •  Advanced Leadership Training.


Key activities

1. Financial

a) Analyses the geotechnical engineering financial needs for the project and develops a budget and ensures sufficient financial resources to meet project business needs.

b) Manages and controls allocated funds and operates within approved parameters.


2. Project Management

Initiates and manages geotechnical investigations and research studies to provide technical

solutions for the project.


3. Slope Angle and Underground Excavation Designs

a) Coordinates slope and underground excavation stability analysis using geotechnical computer software and provides slope and underground excavation design parameters to the project team,

b) Investigates the need to optimize pit slope angle and underground excavation designs and then develops, evaluates and prioritizes geotechnical data acquisition schedule for input into the geotechnical designs.


4. Geotechnical Process Assurance

Plans and coordinates the internal and external reviews as well as geotechnical processes to ensure that they meet company standards.


5. Corporate Governance

Coordinates and manages the implementation of and compliance to legal and corporate governance principles and requirements.


6. Database Informaflon Management

Ensures that all project geotechnical databases, models and documents are securely managed.


7. Geotechnical Modeling and Interpretation

Interprets geotechnical data to identify trends and constructs and /or validates, collates, integrates

3D Geotechnical Models


8. Project Geotechnical Risk Management

Optimizes project success through the development, implementation and maintenance of a structured, iterative approach that drives early geotechnical risk identification and analysis affording sufficient time to plan and put in place appropriate treatment actions.


9. Customers and Stakeholders

Establishes and maintains effective relations with all key stakeholders and partners to ensure achievement of project objectives.


Closing Date: 26th November 2016.