Sportsbw.com is an online sports magazine-website with a fluid design that adapts to any internet-enabled device. We are committed to delivering thoroughly investigated, well researched and well written stories, reports and articles. The website’s visually appealing and interactive features such as flip through content magazine, game analysis and formations charts, public portfolios and a media time line are the distinguishing features of our content and organization.
Called to assembly by social groups and interactive forums where thought-provoking discussions are conducted, and where light joyous moments are shared, Sportsbw.com on-line community is brought together by the passion for professional sportsmanship and the love of sport. Its raison d’être is the production and dissemination of informative and captivating sports content.
We do a mix of quick hit news reporting and sporting events coverage work as well as large scale projects (editorial and otherwise) that might run for a few days or months. We are in the process of putting together big and ambitious projects quite unfathomable for a publication our size. Our dream is that our endeavours will meet international favour and recognition to the extent that one day the International Olympic Committee will be forced to say: “We can’t believe that Botswana has talent this great.”
In order to carry out its mandate, this ambitious sports forum seeks to engage equally ambitious and talented young men and women to serve in its Editorial Team. Candidates should be self-motivated writers with a proven track record of conceiving, reporting and writing stellar and accurate news, reports, personality profiles and sports articles that have the ability to provoke change, move and engage the masses.
Our ideal candidate must be mature, focused, self-driven, ingenious and must possess the ability to work with minimal supervision. The candidate must be fluent in English and Setswana, be a prolific writer with a predisposition to easily create rapport with sports personalities from all walks of life. Our ideal candidate must be active on social media, be familiar with local sports, have a laptop of your own, or a smartphone, or a tablet (at least one of the three if not all), internet access of some form and be ready to work from home or any location of your choosing. You must be able to meet deadlines and objectives ahead of time. NOT in time.
Send questions, or a resume/ cover letter/links or clips to our email address jobs@sportsbw.com

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