“BASILICO – Italian Restaurant” is a sophisticated 80 seaters fine-dining restaurant offering traditional, genuine Italian food, elegant atmosphere and impeccable service. Savoury starters and appetizers, delicious pastas, tasty meats and fishes will be all on the menu. The menu is completed with a wide variety of home-made desserts and pastries that will be served both during lunch or dinner hours and tea-time hours.
The menu is updated every month with new recipes, in order to let affectionate clients having a continuous surprise, when coming to BASILICO.We offer specialty selections, including monthly specials, gluten-free or lighter options and smaller portions for children.

The Restaurant host numerous official functions organized by some of the biggest Private Companies, the Government and by the Office of the President itself.


EXECUTIVE CHEF_KITCHEN MANAGER / Duties & Responsibilities

  • Creating new Recipes and updating the Menus according with season, by proposing new Italian Dishes, reinvented in a modern way with creativity and skills;
  • Making sure that all preparations necessary for running the menu during service are ready and fridges are in order; making sure that the preparations are fresh and labelled;
  • During the service, making sure the kitchen line works as it should, to let food  come all at the same time,  in the shortest time possible with the best quality;
  • Placing orders, verify that orders are justified (e.g if the quantity ordered is what is needed, if the product is finished or about to finish for it to be ordered). Continuously supervising of the orders, in strict collaboration with food and beverages manager;
  • Doing the inventory of the fridges, linking with the F&B Manager;
  • Making sure that all the personnel of the kitchen can compile the opening and closing stock count sheets, by updating the preparations made daily;
  • Maintaining hygiene and safety of the food and checking daily if they are still in best before date;
  • Comparing prices, finding the cheapest products and giving feedback to the director, including driving around town to find new suppliers;
  • Making sure that the food cost is accurate, where the theoretic procedure should correspond with practical procedure;
  • Revising the recipes, to make a substitution of ingredients to save costs;
  • Dealing with in-house and outside functions, covering all aspects, from understanding the requirements of the customer, proposing the menu to meet the customers budget, elaborating the proposal with the floor managers responding to the budget and the requirements of the Customers, revising the proposal if necessary, and once it has been accepted implementing all the preparations required. If it is outside catering, the food should arrive on the right time in good condition and packaging;
  • Writing a list of equipment to be rented if needed for functions. Dealing with Rental suppliers;
  • Dealing with proposing specials e.g paring a plate with wine in cases of wine tasting, in general, finding new ways to attract customers, by elaborating special proposals, including dishes outside the Menu;
  • Reducing costs in the kitchen, which involves making sure resources are not wasted e.g. water, electricity and gas and also checking if the kitchen is clean all the time;
  • Dealing with STAFF issues, e.g. complaints, training of new employees, keeping track of breakages, elaboration of the roster, mistakes that the staff make, checking wastages;