Extensive Systems (Pty) Ltd has vacancies

Application are invited for the following 2 vacant posts:

1. Maintenance Assistant (Building)
Academic Qualification
• Certificate in Building Engineering or any other related field

Job Description

• Conduct all building maintenance
• Carryout prefabricated building works
• Inspect/identify building defects
• Schedule maintenance works

2. Assistant Technician (Mechanical)
Academic Qualification
• Certificate in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

Job Description

• Conduct all mechanical engineering works maintenance
• Carryout mechanical works as instructed

• Botswana citizens with valid omang
• Aged 25+
• Certified copies of certificates
• Curriculum Vitae

Applications to be emailed to: extensivectrl@protonmail.com
The Managing Director
Extensive Systems (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 1325 ABG

Deadline: 21 February 2017