Farm Production Manager

Farm Production Manager

Agriculture/Forestry, Botswana Gaborone

Our client grows and supplies a diverse selection of quality vegetables from open fields and tunnels . They are based in Francistown, North East of Botswana.


  • Overseeing all farming activities from land preparation to harvesting.
  • Managing production of crops on the open field and greenhouse tunnels.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the quality of yield.
  • Manages all the activities in the nursery for seedlings production.
  • Develops, implements and monitors fertilizers and chemicals spraying programs.
  • Organize and supervise chemical and fertilizer applications, weeding, crop protection and yields enhancements programs.
  • Maintaining a knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to treat and mitigate them.
  • Understanding the implications of the weather and making contingency plans.
  • Maximize crop yields and performance in balance with ensuring optimal management on daily basis.
  • Advise on best farming techniques to be deployed given resources available from time to time.
  • Ensures, when packaging processed fruit and vegetables, correct weight, code dating and seal integrity procedures are adhered to.
  • Implementation of stock control systems to be deployed on a daily basis and production of stock reports on a monthly basis.


  • Planning production to maintain farm progress against budget parameters.
  • Implementation of the crop plan as per company’s budget, monitors inputs usage for cost control purposes.
  • Perform cost and sensitivity analysis on input costs


  • Develops and implements the company’s production standard operating procedures.
  • Implementation of all the good farming practices to achieve high production yield.
  • Recommendation to the board on what varieties of crops, fertilizers and pesticides/chemicals to use on the farm to
  • produce the best quality product
  • Develop a training and mentorship program for assistants and supervisors on various key areas of production in a form of skills and knowledge transfer.
  • Ensuring current government regulations concerning farm activities are complied with, applying health and safety standards across the farm.
  • Managing the activities of the pack-house and maintains safety awareness in the production areas and pack-house.
  • Making sure products are ready for deliveries to customers.
  • Production of management report for the board on a monthly basis.
  • Interact with the Facilities Manager on issues that may hinder flow of activities on the farm
  • Interact with the board on key issues that may arise and execute the instructions of the board from time to time.

Technical skills / competencies:

  • Knowledge in operating and maintaining vegetable processing lines in a packhouse
  • Capable of repairing farming equipment
  • High level understanding of irrigation systems i.e. drip, overhead
  • Ability to understand and interpret water and soil tests
  • Above average crop yield achievements
  • Knowledge of cooling systems for green house tunnels and produce storage

Knowledge and expertise:

  • Demonstrated experience in growing greenhouse tomatoes on a large scale
  • Demonstrated experience in producing seedlings.
  • Demonstrated experience in growing onions, beetroot, butternut, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce.
  • Demonstrated planning and organisational skills to achieve targets.

Experience, qualifications and other requirements specific to the role:


  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • 5-7 years’ experience in crop production
  • Vallid driver’s license


  • Agricultural science/management Bachelor’s Degree
Deadline : 6 January 2017

Ref: KEN000073/PN