Filling Station Manager – SPAR

Position Title: Filling Station Manager


Job purpose: Filling station manager is responsible for daily operations at the station and the convenience store, ensures that sufficient amounts of fuel is available, store is well-stocked, fueling equipment is functional, staff is available to meet customer needs, and payments are processed and recorded properly. Managers supervise employees to ensure company policies are upheld, examine timesheets for accuracy and train new employee; ensures that the set standards are consistently achieved and maintained, and motivate & lead the departments to achieve this; to work as part of the wider  team to promote a positive image  at all times.


Reports to: General Manager


Minimum Experience and qualifications

  • At least 5 years experience in all aspects of day-to-day running and experience in the management of a service operation
  • complete working knowledge of filling station operations
  • Form 5
  • Computer literacy required
  • Industrial Relations experience recommended

Key Requirements:


  • Management skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Good leadership skills


Incumbent should possess knowledge of;

  • General management including managing finance / operations  / self  / staff/ back of house
  • Current and future trends of consumers purchase habits
  • Controls used to maintain ideal stock levels and sales mix during different trading periods
  • Product knowledge
  • Controls used to maintain ideal stock levels and sales mix during different trading periods
  • Disciplines required to maintain standards in petrol/ fuel  environment
  • Managing human resources as well as industrial relations

There should also have the ability to;

  • lead a team of people
  • Learn new aspects about products, materials and processes to better service the customer
  • Extend beyond personal responsibilities to assist fellow teammates and be respectful, appreciative; fair and thankful of other teammates.
  • work under pressure and have high energy levels
  • Make an effort on understand an build a professional relationship with subordinates.


Key Responsibilities


  1. Develop and Implement strategies to meet sales targets
  2. Monitor wastage and develop and implement methods to reduce wastage
  3. Manage Stock
  • Identify ideal stock levels per product category – purchase projections.
  • Evaluate ordering records per product category in relation to rate of sale
  • Develop methods to improve stock turns across departments
  • Accurate stock takes
  1. Pricing and POS
  • Spot check pos and develop ways to ensure that POS is up to date and accurate
  1. Manage Promotions
  2. Hygiene, Safety and Housekeeping
  • Conduct spot checks daily to ensure all stock is clean and neatly displayed
  • All floors & surfaces clean and well maintained
  • Develop and implement methods to improve safety check audits
  1. Manage staff
  • All staff are aware of the required work standards, tested regularly and are given a performance review
  • Communicate new developments with staff on an ongoing basis
  • Evaluate shifts and rosters to optimize staff within budget, limiting use of casuals and overtime on a weekly and monthly basis
  1. Managing customers
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Very active on the floor
  • Engage in floor activity to minimize customer complaints
  • Advising customers
  • Develop personalized relationships with regular customers
  1. Open and close the store
  • Maintain store standards
  • Maintaining profitability
  • Ensure security procedures are implemented to safeguard store assets and customers


  • Should be very familiar with all company procedures and documentation, to the level of physically processing if need arises.


Training Required

The incumbent will require to be trained on the following to perform to satisfactory levels

  • Systems training
  • Inventory control
  • Range management
  • Human resources management