Head Implementation/ Build – fibre telecommunications networks

Project Engineer – fibre, telecommunications

The To ensure the proper design of the network, planning & coordinating build projects to guarantee the efficient, qualitative and timely roll out of the network.

Nature and Scope

The Head Implementation reports to the Chief Technical Officer. The Head Implementation ensures the planning and implementation of the network project and therefore needs to have a full understanding of Liquid Telecom’s vision and strategy to ensure an effective and efficient network infrastructure is built. To achieve this, the job holder will work closely with senior management to ensure proper support and strategies are provided forward. The role involves building the Network as well as addressing key stakeholder needs. The major challenge of this position is the proper management of the external environment that includes relationships with the group design team, contractors and government entities among others.


Principal Accountabilities

Budgeting and Pr

Responsible for the Network roll-out Bud

Provide input to the Pricing model of the product to ensure acceptable return on investment.

Network Optimisation

Propose network optimization opportunities

Propose co-build or lease opportunities

Follow up on other infrastructure projects to identify possible synergies

Review and critique proposed changes to network engineering standards, policies, or details.


      Stakeholder & Customer Relations

?      Interface with stakeholders externally, the government, regulatory authorities and other service and utility providers to

coordinate with them and getting permissions to relevant projects

Have an overview of services and products to suit customer needs.


      Technology Platforms

Researching on new technologies to support the Network Infrastructure as well as recommend technical support strategies.

Custodian of all documentation i.e. commissioning and built documents to ensure records of network performance once



      Commissioning Tests

?      Sign off on all infrastructure Commissioning tests.

Adhere to ISO standards on certain equipment for best performance that includes quality assurance of equipment including

identifying the correct Fibre specifications.

      Customer Satisfaction

?      Understand the requirements of internal and external customers in relation to the maintenance and availability of the required

network capacities.

Develop guidelines and policies that will govern users of network equipment in terms of proper usage and availability of the

latest technology


      Standards Adherence

      Develop developmental plans for compliance with adopted engineering standards and good engineering


Ensure best engineering practices and systems for the entire network by setting up working procedures, instructions and


Education, Qualifications and Experience

Relevant degree in Engineering

7+ years of experience in a similar role, preferably in the telecommunications or utilities sector

Hands on experience and deep understanding of fibre technology, ADSS and OPGW

Project management experience