ICT Senior Consultant

Employment Opportunity – ICT Senior Consultant
1 x position in Gaborone
1x position in Francistown

• Bachelor of Degree in IT or Similar Degree
• Microsoft Certification ( MCSE, MCSA )
• Cisco Certified ( CCNA ) or N+

Minimum 3 Years’ Experience in the IT Industry
The typical tasks undertaken are:
• Deciding which clients to take on
• Meeting with each client to discuss individual needs and objectives
• Researching the different features of the client’s business
• Thinking about how the business could be improved through IT systems
• Assessing the client’s pre-existing IT systems and the knowledge of the staff
• Assessing whether or not the current hardware options are working well for the company
• Designing training programs
• Providing training for the client
• Providing general advice to the client
• Explaining complex technical issues in simple and clear terms to each member of staff
• Drawing up timetables of action and budgets
• Making sure the client is happy with initial plans and budgets
• Designing improvements to the current system or designing new systems for the client
• Implementing different IT systems or improving pre-existing systems and explaining these actions to the client in detail
• Exploring innovative technologies such as cloud hosting and advising companies as to what would be the most suitable solution for their needs
• Ensuring that the new systems and software options work well and are easy to use
• Writing reports for the client and presenting these orally if necessary

Please send CV’s via Post (P.O. Box 113, Gaborone) or email (chirag@carerra.co)