IT Coordinator – Business Support

Overview of role

Reporting to the Head – Information & Communications Technology, the candidate will be responsible for planning, managing and coordinating the delivery and maintenance for efficient and secure ICT software applications in order to facilitate the processing and management of data, communication services and optimal utilization of IT solutions and services to meet the company’s operational requirements.

Job description

  • Prepares draft budget for the Section and justifies these to the Head of Department
  • Enhances customer experience by ensuring that the section meets their performance standards and targets in order to meet the internal customers’ expectations
  • Sets SMART output objectives and measures for the section to meet departmental short and medium term goals and obtain approval from the Head of Department
  • Keeps abreast with latest developments in ICT and recommends initiatives that lead to process improvement by applying acquired knowledge, skills and best practice.
  • Ensures that the section is provided with adequate training, facilities, PPE, tools and equipment that are necessary to carry out ICT functions
  • Implements ICT quality process and project methodologies within all project
  • Coordinates and integrates the e-commerce websites, services and applications for the purpose of smooth business to business and business to customer’s transactions. Develops e-commerce and e-business strategies for leveraging organizational procedures and processes via the Internet
  • Provides and ensures availability of database and system resources and develops requisite systems development procedures in order to ensure the effectiveness of the section.
  • Conducts system/business analyses, which includes a study of workflows and procedures in the area to be automated; determines the logical requirements for the proposed system; and evaluates cost
  • Works with section to ensure BI systems comply with infrastructure requirements and integrate with security systems, network infrastructure, and other systems
  • Determines staffing and competency requirements for the section, taking into organizational needs

Requirements, Education and Experience

  • Degree in Information System/Computer Science or related IT discipline with industry certification such as OCP, MSCD
  • Eight (8) years post qualification experience in a major IT environment of which three (3) should have been in a supervisory role.
  • Knowledge of systems and business analysis tools are a requirement. Exposure to high transactional and complex databases will be an added advantage

Company profile