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Engineer – Network Maintenance – Botswana Power Corporation

Job Expired
Job Purpose

​To plan, organize, supervise and control the maintenance and operation of Transmission & Distribution equipment to ensure maximum availability of the system.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities
​Operational Management

Supervises others to deliver prescribed operational outcomes while working within established systems.

Controls, monitors and checks the activities of substation and line teams

Provides onsite technical support during operation & maintenance of transmission and distribution equipment

Collates information related to short to medium term equipment maintenance plans in accordance with manufacture’s specifications and BPC’s standards and requirements

Prepares and submits operational and maintenance monthly reports to the Senior Network Maintenance Engineer

 Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Troubleshoots and diagnoses equipment and systems for emergency repairs, performs preventive maintenance inspections, assists specialists in setting up and testing new Transmission and Distribution equipment and installs complex systems with guidance

Prepares and submits inputs for planned monthly and annual maintenance schedules

Contract Management

Delivers required outcomes by managing day-to-day relationships with contract service providers and working within an established contract management plan.

Works on site with consultants and contractors during pre-energising commissioning and takeover of new equipment to ensure that they conform to BPC’s standards and requirements

Project Management

Delivers own small-scale or medium-scale projects by working within an established program management plan.

Data Collection & Analysis

Analyzes key themes using data from a wide range of sources and identifies possible impacts on the business.

Provides information and data for the section’s performance and cost capturing report to the Planning Section

Compiles technical reports on equipment performance and failures

Budgeting & Costing

Takes responsibility for delivering a prescribed budget for own area of the organization and/or conducts complex analyses on budget progress in other areas while working within established systems.

Prepares draft budget and controls expenditure against approved budget.


Highlights shortcomings and suggests improvements in current compliance processes, systems and procedures within assigned unit and/or discipline

Client & Customer Management (External)

Manages relationships with small clients to ensure their needs are met while supporting senior colleagues in managing more important client and customer relationships

Internal Communication

Executes a communications plan by working within established internal communication systems and procedures

 Improvement & Innovation

Identifies shortcomings in existing processes, systems and procedures.

 Policy Development & Implementation

Provides input into the development of procedures for an area within the organization, then monitors the implementation of those procedures.

 People Management

Manages the motivation and discipline of staff in area of responsibility in line with laid down procedures to realize the Corporation’s objectives

Trains Technicians to attain Senior Authorisation Status as the current BPC Safety Rules to ensure a safe and efficient operation

Manages the performance of the team by working within a performance management system

Proposes and implements staff development plans for the area of responsibility to ensure competent, efficient and motivated staff

Safety, Health and Environment

Ensures that all safety and loss control standards (Safety Health and Environmental) contained in the Corporation’s standards are adhered to.


​B. Eng. in Electrical Engineering or related qualification.

Should be a standing member of a recognized professional engineering body.


​At least three (3) years post qualification in a power system operations environment.

Attainment of Senior Authorization for operational purposes is a requirement.​



System Operations

Works without supervision to understand, effectively operate and provide technical guidance as required on operational systems e.g. SCADA, SAP, MP2.

Engineering Technical Operations Support

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on identifying and diagnosing operational problems, then developing engineering solutions to resolve those issues.

Engineering Testing

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on testing, evaluating and improving engineering outcomes.


Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on achieving full compliance with applicable rules & regulations in management and/or operations

Commercial Acumen

Applies understanding of the business environment and objectives to develop solutions without supervision, while also providing technical assistance when necessary.

 Computer Skills

Supports business processes without supervision by understanding and effectively using standard office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical guidance as needed.


Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on creating relevant, lucid and effective reports.

Analytical Processes

Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to support research schedules using appropriate analytical processes and procedures.

 Costing & Budgeting

Works under guidance (but not constant supervision) to perform costing, budgeting and finance tasks.

 Data Collection & Analysis

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.

 Verbal Communication

Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on expressing ideas, requesting actions and formulating plans or policies.

Planning & Organizing

Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.

 Policy & Regulations

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on interpreting and applying knowledge of laws, regulations and policies in area of expertise.



Strategic Thinking

Focuses on the long-term business strategy and aligns their thinking and planning accordingly. Specifically, aligns actions to strategy; for example, aligning priorities and behaviour to strategic objectives.


Acts proactively to avoid problems or identifies and takes advantage of opportunities. Specifically, takes action for mid-term gain; for example, acting now to take advantage of opportunities that will pay off in the mid-term.

Drive for Results

Focuses on assessing, measuring and improving performance. Shows drive and determination to meet short- and long-term goals. Specifically, strives to meet challenging goals; for example, setting ambitious, but realistic goals for performance improvement (for self and/or own team).

Analytical Thinking

Thinks through issues by separating out the parts of the problem or situation and thinking things through systematically. Applies judgement on the basis of evidence and reasoning. Specifically, identifies the root causes; for example using analytical techniques to break a complex problem into component parts

Conceptual Thinking

Thinks through issues by seeing the pattern or big picture, brings facts and ideas together, and develops innovative or creative insights. Specifically, applies models or theories; for example, using a theory to help understand a situation.

Understanding Others

Takes an active interest in other people. Seeks to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hears the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others. Specifically, actively listens; for example, repeating what was heard to check understanding, particularly in difficult conversations.

Team Leadership

Builds a high performing team by ensuring that the team is focused, motivated and inspired to achieve team objectives. Specifically, sets team direction; for example, communicating and sustaining a clear sense of purpose for the team.

Focusing Others on the Customer

Focuses the organization on discovering and meeting the customer’s needs. Specifically, corrects problems; for example, ensuring that customers’ issues are corrected promptly and efficiently.

Approach to Thinking

Thinks through situations of varying degrees of complexity and ambiguity, in order to understand them clearly. Specifically, sees multiple relationships; for example, identifying several likely causes or consequences of a situation.

Collaborative Influence

Win the hearts and minds of others across boundary collaborations and to do the right thing, regardless of formal authority. Specifically, facilitates short-term teaming; for example, pulling together individuals to team around a problem, crisis, or opportunity.

Customer Focus

Identifies and meets the needs of internal and external customers, being continually focused on outcomes for customers. Specifically, improves service: for example, pulling together individuals to team around a problem, crisis or opportunity

Information Seeking

A desire to know more and seek information to inform decisions. Specifically, researches; for example, conducting debriefs following completed projects to understand what worked well and what did not.


Responds to differences and changes in the internal or external context, taking a flexible approach to reach business outcomes. Specifically, adapts tactics; for example, while maintaining the same overall plan or strategy, changing how to accomplish goals in line with changing circumstances.

Job Challenges

​Working under high voltage conditions

Fault diagnoses in equipment designed to operate with minimum interruption

Balancing personnel safety and consumer expectations and need

Consequences of wrong judgement and decisions






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