Microsoft 4Afrika Skills – Marketing Intern

World-Class Skills is about Microsoft’s plans to develop a self-sustaining, world-class education platform, both online and offline, to help Africans develop skills for entrepreneurship and improved employability and competitiveness. Microsoft, in partnership with the host organization, offer you a unique opportunity to kick start your career. The internship program will provide you with a real-world work experience and new skills while working for a leading technology organization on the African continent.

A Marketing intern must have:
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· Very good organizational skills asic knowledge on social media
· Basic knowledge on social media
· Persuasive and know how to negotiate well
· Must be good with numbers
· Should be hardworking
· Public speaking skills
· Passion for the marketing industry and its best practices
· Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
· Understanding of different marketing techniques


The Marketing Intern will assist with:
· Significant marketing efforts including branding, campaigns and helping to establish a digital plan
· Compile data from numerous sources and organize into a monthly report using set criteria
· Assist with updating marketing materials
· Facilitate email marketing campaigns and analysis
· Perform web updates periodically
· Manage online campaign on social media