Minchin & Kelly (Botswana) – In-House Tracer and Call centre Operator


Minchin & Kelly (Botswana) – In-House Tracer and Call centre Operator

Minchin & Kelly (Botswana) – Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers

Minchin & Kelly (Botswana) seeks an IN-HOUSE TRACER and a CALL CENTRE OPERATOR for its Financial Recoveries department.

1. In-House Tracer
The Tracer will be responsible for locating debtor’s whereabouts and assets.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
• Communicate with third parties for the purpose of acquiring debtors’ location information
• Search databases, public records and the world wide web

2. The Call Centre Operator
• To have a basic knowledge of computer software
• To make telephone calls to debtors

Knowledge Skills and Abilities: In-House Tracer & Call Centre Operator
• Excellent analytical, research, investigative and organizational skills
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word and Excel)
• Familiarity with collection software will be an added advantage
• Ability to read, write and speak fluent Setswana and English

Apply to: partners@minchinkelly.bw

Tel: (+267) 3912734 Fax: (+267) 3908500

The deadline for applying is the 7th of November 2017.

Enclosing references and CV – only successful applicants will receive replies.