The SADC Secretariat announces the launch of the 2017 SADC Media Awards Competition. The Awards are in the fields of Print Journalism, Radio Journalism, Television Journalism and Photojournalism. Prospective entrants are invited to submit their entries accompanied by proof of their nationality to the National Adjudication Committee (NAC) in their respective countries.
Rules of the competition
a) The entries should have been published/broadcast between January and December the year preceding the awards (2016) by a registered and/or authorized media house or agency or carried on a website of a registered and/or authorized media house or agency in any of the SADC Member States;
b) The themes of the entries to be submitted for the competition must be on issues and activities promoting Regional Integration in the SADC region, i.e. infrastructure, economy, water, culture, sports, agriculture, etc.
c) All media practitioners who are SADC nationals may enter the competition, except those in institutions contracted by SADC and the SADC Secretariat staff;
d) All works entering the competition should be in one of the SADC working languages, i.e. English, Portuguese, French and any national indigenous language of the SADC Region and should be submitted as they were published/broadcast (newspaper cutting, websites, magazines, audio CDs or video cassettes/DVDs, newsletters;
e) Entries are invited from the following categories:
i) Print Journalism: comprising features/articles published in newspapers, newsletters, website, magazines;
ii) Print Journalism submissions should have a minimum of 100 (one hundred words and a maximum of 2000 (two thousand) words.
iii) Radio Journalism: comprising broadcast material;
iv) Broadcast material should have a minimum duration of one minute and a maximum duration of one hour and all Broadcast material should be accompanied by a CD/Video for the work
v) Television Journalism: comprising televised material;
• Broadcast material should have a minimum duration of one minute and a maximum duration of one hour and all Broadcast material should be accompanied by a transcript in any of the languages indicated in Rule D above.
vi) Photojournalism: comprising published pictures with a caption;
• Photographic entries should have a minimum of a single photo, a pictorial of up to 10 photos and an album of up to 20 photos.
f) All entries must be submitted to the National Adjudication Committee not later than February 28, 2017.
g) All submissions must be made on the SADC Media Award Entry Form and should contain full contact details of the entrant, including, passport-sized photograph, physical address, telephone and, where applicable, fax number and e-mail address;
h) Entries will be initially screened and judged by the National Adjudication Committee in each Member State, which will select the best entry in each of the four categories to be forwarded to the Regional Adjudication Committee (RAC), through the SADC Secretariat not later than April 30, 2017.
i) Selection of the best regional entries will be decided upon by the RAC;
j) The decision of the RAC shall be final;
k) The winners will be announced and receive their prizes during the 37th SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government;
l) The Awards will include Print, Radio, Television and Photo journalism and each category carries a prize of US$2000.00.
m) The monetary prizes will be accompanied by a certificate signed by the SADC Chairperson;
n) The prizes will be paid directly to the winner. In the case of a winner being unable to attend the ceremony, SADC will make arrangements to give the prize in his/her home country;
o) The RAC reserves the right not to award a prize in any of the categories if the entries do not satisfactorily meet the competition requirements; In such an event RAC may award such prizes to deserving entries that may score second or third place in the other categories.
Further information and entry forms are obtainable from the National Adjudication Committees and SADC Media Coordinators in each Member State and can be downloaded online at https://www.sadc.int/awards/media-awards.
Entries to be hand delivered to:
Botswana Government Communication and Information System (BGCIS)
Plot 211, Tsheko Road (Opposite Gaborone Senior Secondary School
Please contact: Ms Osesenaqa Lekgoko and Ms Potso Thari at
Tel: 3698579/3698562 email: oslekgoko@gov.bw / pthari@gov.bw

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