POSITION-ACCOUNTS CLERK – Gidary Technical Solutions – GTS


Performs various clerical and routine accounting tasks in support of the business. These will include posting entries, verifying and reconciling input to financial reporting system output, processing payments, and/or assisting in preparation of billings and other financial reports. Responds to inquiries from clients and work to resolve a variety of problems.

Position requires:
a) Preparing routine administrative paperwork to include purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll documents; and
b) Updating routine existing financial records and reports using basic data entry and word processing on an automated accounting system or spreadsheet
c) Prepares and submits BURS tax requirement documents

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Sorts documents; codes, logs, reviews for accuracy; matches supporting invoices to procurement documents; and verifies invoices for payment.
2. Inputs data and prepares batches for processing
3. Prepares purchasing, travel, personnel, or related documents.
4. Reconciles various expenditure reports to source documents;
5. Distributes and files financial documents and reports.
6. Answers telephones, opens and logs mail, meets and greets visitors, and assists in other clerical functions; may arrange travel and meetings and coordinate office security and key control.
7. Prepares routine entries and posts financial transactions; reconciles entries and internal ledgers to financial reporting system reports.
8. Researches processing problems, contacts specialists and vendors to resolve problems and expedite payment, and responds to inquiries by telephone or in writing; refers complex problems for solution.
9. Handles cash and cash related transactions, issues receipts, records and maintains a petty cash system and balances cash fund; enters cash transactions in ledgers and reconciles cash reports; prepares bank deposits.
10. Assists in preparation of financial statements such as billings, budgets, and cost reports.
11. Assists in ordering, care, maintenance, and utilization of company and client equipment, supplies, and inventories.
12. Distributes, reviews, calculates, and processes payroll time sheets and employment documents; verifies account numbers; maintains sick and annual leave and other payroll records.
13. Preparation of all tax deductible from any payments payables and receivables and compile necessary withholding tax for submission to BURS
14. Initiates and captures payments to employees and directors such as salaries, allowances, fees, claims etc. and request authorization of payments.
15. Collates and initiates payments to creditors on the basis of invoices or authorized purchase orders.
16. Prepares debtor invoices and submit for authorization and posting and follows on payments
17. May lead, guide, and train staff/student employees, interns, and/or volunteers performing related work;
18. Other job-related duties as assigned.

Skills Profile
• Proficiency in basic computing and Microsoft Office
• Ability to perform simple accounting procedures.
• Knowledge of cash management principles and/or procedures.
• Basic data entry and/or word processing skills.
• Records maintenance skills.
• Ability to analyze and solve problems.
• Knowledge of payroll policies and procedures.
• Ability to prepare routine administrative paperwork.
• Ability to read, sort, check, count, and verify numbers.
• Knowledge of business accounting procedures involving procurement, travel, and/or employment.
• Account balancing skills.
• Ability to use an automated accounting system, preferably Sage Pastel.
• Ability to prepare financial reports.
• Knowledge of basic invoicing procedures.
• Knowledge of accounts payable procedures and practices.
• Knowledge of basic taxation procedures.

Minimum Job Requirements
• Completed GCSE and a certificate in accounting from an accredited training institution and at least one year experience that is directly related to the duties and responsibilities as specified.

Applications can be submitted at the deposit box in the reception area at Plot 144 Unit 3, first floor at the following midweek times: from 0900 to 1230 and from 1430 to 1630 by Wednesday 15th March, 2017.