Job Description:

Consitently upholding the school’s commitment to protect ,educate and nurture children


  • ​​Implementing agreed school policies and guidelines
  • Be familiar with and implement specific school policies-child protection ,health and safety ,confidentiality ,equalities
  • Support initiatives decided by thr Headteacher ,SLT and other staff
  • Plan appropriately to meet the needs of all pupils through differentiation of tasks
  • Be able to set clear targets based on prior attainment for pupils learning
  • Provide a stimulating classroom environment where resources can be accessed appropriately by all pupils
  • Keep appropriate and efficient records ,intergrating formative and summative assessment into weekly and termly planning
  • Report to parents on thr the development ,progress and attainment of pupils
  • Maintain good order and behaviour amongst pupils,in accordance with the schools behaviour policy
  • Participate in meetings which relate to the schools management ,curriculum,administration or organisation
  • Communicate and cooperate with specialists from outside agencies
  • Lead ,organise and direct support staff within the classroom

Job Requirements:

Must have a Diploma in early childhood education and a minimum of four years teaching experience

​Please send Applications to
​P O BOX 501007

Contact 71782827 for further information
closing date 28 February 2017