Procurement Agents X6 – Botswana Power Corporation – Deadline approaching

Job Purpose
Coordinates the daily administrative of the Procurement Order Management to ensure timely and cost effective Corporate Procurement in accordance with Corporate Policies.
The incumbent will be responsible for analyzing and improving the Departments’ procurement spending, supplier partnership and alliances.
Role – The job holder leads purchasing processes.


Negotiation – The job holder handles purchasing agreements that require simple, short term negotiations.
Supervision – The job holder supervises other professionals.
Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities
​Improvement / Innovation
Identifies shortcomings in existing processes, systems and procedures, then uses established change management programs to deliver prescribed outcomes and/or provide support services.
Problem Solving
Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; probes all fruitful sources for answers; can see hidden problems; is excellent at honest analysis; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers. It is about: Examining Information, Documenting Facts & Interpreting Data


Performance Management
Improves personal performance and coaches others when required using performance management systems and protocols.
Performs complex data processing using established procedures and testing new procedures to see if they might represent improvements over existing methods.
Supply Chain Management
Performs designated supplier management activities to deliver own prescribed outcomes and/or provide support to others by using existing systems and protocols.


Safety, Health and Environment
Delivers own prescribed outcomes and/or provides support services by using the organization’s safety, health and environment systems and protocols.
Identifies shortcomings in current compliance processes, systems and procedures; develops ad hoc solutions to immediate problems within assigned unit and/or discipline.
Client & Customer Management (External)
Helps senior colleagues manage client and customer relationships by using sales/client systems and protocols.
Client & Customer Management (Internal)

Helps senior colleagues manage internal client and customer relationships by using sales/client systems and protocols.


Budgeting & Costing
Tracks budgets and brings variances to the attention of senior colleagues while working within established budgeting systems.
Contract Management
Delivers required outcomes by managing day-to-day relationships with contract service providers and working within an established contract management plan.
Data Collection & Analysis
Works independently to collate and analyze data using pre-determined tools, methods and formats.
Document Preparation
Organizes and prepares complex documents by using multiple computer applications (such as Microsoft Office), while also gathering and summarizing data for special reports.


Knowledge Management
Uses the knowledge management system to access required information for specific purposes.
Policy Development & Implementation
Delivers prescribed outcomes by working within established procedures.
Delivers prescribed outcomes for area of responsibility by improving and/or working within established procurement procedures.
Project Management
Delivers required outcomes by working within an established project management plan.

​A recognized University Diploma or Degree in Supply Chain or Equivalent



​Work Experience
At least 3 years post qualification in Purchasing Management environment for Diploma Holder and none for Degree Holder
Managerial Experience
​Behavioral Skills
Teamwork and Collaboration
Works cooperatively as part of a team and collaboratively with peers, internally and externally. Specifically, values others’ input; for example, actively bringing people together around a specific problem.
Functions independently and with confidence in challenging situations. Specifically, expresses confidence in themselves; for example, expressing confidence in own ability or judgment.
Acts proactively to avoid problems or identifies and takes advantage of opportunities. Specifically, is proactive; for example, recognizing and acts on current opportunities or problems and takes action.


Focusing others on the customer
Focuses the organization on discovering and meeting the customer’s needs. Specifically, anticipates; for example, encouraging customer focused innovation of new products and services.
Business Perspective
Has an understanding of the business context in which they are operating that informs planning and decision making. Specifically, understands and acts on market trends; for example, is aware of emerging competitors or context risks and takes action.
Responds to differences and changes in the internal or external context, taking a flexible approach to reach business outcomes. Specifically, adapts tactics; for example, while maintaining the same overall plan or strategy, changing how to accomplish goals in line with changing circumstances.


Drive for Results
Focuses on assessing, measuring and improving performance. Shows drive and determination to meet short- and long-term goals. Specifically, strives to meet challenging goals; for example, setting ambitious, but realistic goals for performance improvement (for self and/or own team).
Understanding Others
Takes an active interest in other people. Seeks to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hears the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others. Specifically, makes inferences; for example, accurately predicting how someone will respond.
Collaborative Influence
Win the hearts and minds of others across boundary collaborations and to do the right thing, regardless of formal authority. Specifically, invites individual cooperation; for example, inviting the sharing of alternative solutions or viewpoints.
Approach to Thinking

Thinks through situations of varying degrees of complexity and ambiguity, in order to understand them clearly. Specifically, sees multiple relationships; for example, identifying several likely causes or consequences of a situation.


Attention to Detail
Manages, tracks and attends to multiple pieces of information, bringing order and clarity. Specifically, monitors data or projects; for example, monitoring progress of against milestones or deadlines.
Customer Focus
Identifies and meets the needs of internal and external customers, being continually focused on outcomes for customers. Specifically, improves service; for example, asking for customers feedback and takes action for improvement.
Information Seeking
A desire to know more and seek information to inform decisions. Specifically, gathers information; for example, personally observing situations to understand them.
Technical Skills
Contract Management
Supervises the construction of assigned properties according to instructions without supervision and provides technical guidance as needed.
Verbal Communication
Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on expressing ideas, requesting actions and formulating plans or policies.
Vendor Management
Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to act independently while guiding and training others on managing vendors so that they deliver the best possible results given available resources.


Procurement Process Management
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on managing the entire procurement process from start to finish.
Engineering Specification
Works without supervision and interprets technical documents and related materials when required.
Database Administration
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on designing, implementing, maintaining and administering databases.
Contract Administration
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on effective contract administration.
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on achieving full compliance with applicable rules and regulations in management and/or operations.
Numerical Skills
Uses an understanding of numerical concepts to perform mathematical operations such as report analysis without supervision and provides technical guidance when required.
Action Planning
Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to develop appropriate plans or perform necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.
Computer skills
Supports business processes without supervision by understanding and effectively using standard office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical guidance as needed.
Costing and Budgeting
Works under guidance (but not constant supervision) to perform costing, budgeting and finance tasks.
Data Collection and analysis
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.
Data Management
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on acquiring, organizing, protecting and processing data to fulfill business objectives.


Negotiates without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on how to help the organization by obtaining consensus between two or more internal or external parties who may have different interests.
Planning and Organizing
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.
Policy and procedures
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on developing, monitoring, interpreting and understanding policies and procedures, while making sure they match organizational strategies and objectives.


Policy and Regulation
Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on interpreting and applying knowledge of laws, regulations and policies in area of expertise.

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