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Project Assistant (Position No. 000115297)

Reporting to the Project Manager you will be responsible for ensuring effective delivery of the Projects’ by managing actual results compared to budget/forecasts throughout the year. Responsibilities will also include maintaining up-to-date business and financial documentation, in accordance with UNDP and other project reporting requirements; Organizing meetings, business correspondence and other communications with the project partners; Managing the project’s files and supporting the project manager in preparing the required financial and other reports required for monitoring and supervision of the project’s progress and supporting the project manager in managing contracts, in organizing correspondence and in ensuring effective implementation of the project otherwise. Academic requirements for the job are a degree in Finance and Accounting and minimum 5 years’ experience.

Company profile

Project Background: Promoting production and utilisation of bio-methane from agro-waste in South-Eastern Botswana

The latent market potential for biogas in Botswana is extensive. The project takes a facilitation and demonstration approach to introducing biogas technology from agro-waste. Through this approach, the four-year project is designed to achieve a well-functioning enabling environment whereby waste-management policies and regulations are implemented and enforced, demonstration biogas plants constructed and operational, and investment in biogas technology demonstrably increased. The objective of the project is to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in Botswana by creating and enabling the appropriate environment, and demonstrating the application of biogas technology in addressing issues related to agro-waste management and in meeting energy needs, through the distribution of small-scale biogas digesters and utility-scale plants.

The UNDP-implemented, GEF-financed project will build on the work done to date in Botswana with regard to waste management. It will facilitate the most practical and affordable biogas technology that can meet the operational conditions in Botswana and address the most critical waste issues and energy demands. It will facilitate low-carbon investments and public-private partnerships in the production and utilization of biogas that will result in improved waste-management practices and provide access to secure and sustainable biogas energy for agro-industry, institutions, residences and council services. The project has four strategic objectives:

  • Creating an enabling environment that supports the market development of agro-waste management and biogas technology, stimulating investments in biogas technology and increasing uptake of such technologies through new policies, tools and financial incentives.
  • Institutional and private-sector strengthening and capacity development for biogas technology development and servicing, and improved agro-waste management and regulation through awareness-raising, training and dissemination sessions.
  • Facilitation and establishment of biogas installations: these include small, medium and utility-scale biogas plants in South-Eastern Botswana.
  • Facilitation and establishment of appropriate utilization and knowledge platforms.

These four elements are expected to work in synergy, organizing and enhancing the baseline project so as to promote global environmental benefits (enhanced climate-change mitigation) and make the transition from loosely-connected concepts to biogas-sector development and targeted investments.

The 4 year initiative will begin in 2017 and be completed in 2021.

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