Project Officer EPA Facility Support Unit (FSU) in the SADC Trade Re-lated Facility project

Job Opportunity

Project Officer EPA Facility Support Unit (FSU) in the SADC Trade Re-lated Facility project

Posted on: 7 Sep, 2016
Application by: 15 Sep, 2016
Project Status: on-going
Project Title: Southern African Development Community (SADC) – Trade Related Facility (TRF)
Period of Project: 11/2014 – 09/2019
Duration of assignment: 10/2016 – 09/2019
Country: Botswana
Duty Station: Gaborone
Job Code: AFR-BWA14OTH0049/23

Project Description:
In a five year program (beginning 09/2014), the GFA is supporting the SADC Secretariat and SADC Member States to enhance the economic integration of the SADC region. The Trade Related Facility program aims to provide technical advice to implement the commitments made under the Protocol on Trade (STP) as well as the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union.

The STP is one of the two pillars of the economic integration of SADC that formulates the establishment of the FTA and it objects to eliminate import tariffs and non-tariff barriers (NTBs) in order to improve intra-regional trade. The negations on the EPAs foresee to ease trade between SADC and the EU but as they are protracted, they exacerbate the complexity of the regional integration process.

Therefore the TRF, firstly, it targets at supporting SADC economic integration initiatives for all SADC Member States within the context of their implementation of the SADC Trade Protocol and the SADC FTA (Window 1). Secondly, it targets at supporting SADC Member States who have signed the interim EPA or the full EPA or have commenced a process leading to signature/implementation of the interim-EPA (i-EPA)/EPA. The support focuses on implementing their obligations under the EPA /i-EPA (Window 2), incl. specific areas such as Trade Defence Instruments, Trade Related Adjustment,     Competition Policy.

The application phase will be finalized beginning of 2017 and the future focus will lay in the implementation of the projects by the SADC Member States and the support by the FSU.

Job Description:
Assume responsibility for all activities falling under the EPA window (result area 2)
•    Provide inputs into the annual and global work plans with respect to activities related to the EPA;
•    Support the Team Leader in the implementation of the executive functions of the TRF, and especially with support to MS in the preparation of requests for financial support, evaluation of the applications (to a lower extent as most of the applications are already developed) and in particular monitoring of activities and the project implementa-tion at MS level, incl. implementation support, monitoring, field support, docu-mentation control
•    Assist with the receipt and evaluation of applications;
•    Work closely with the SADC TRF Project Officer (EPA) to develop and imple-ment systems to monitor the implementation progress of all EPA related sup-port provided under the TRF
•    Identify capacity building needs in the area of the EPA and develop an appropriate ca-pacity building agenda and facilitate the provision of the capacity to the Member States with the aim to successfully implement the projects
•    Prepare/contribute to periodic reports, such as Inception, Monthly, Semi-Annual and Final Reports according to the  SADC Policy on Strategy Development, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (SPME) standards and schedules on the implementation of the EPA component of the TRF Programme;
•    Ensure timely implementation of the activities under the TRF Programme in particular with respect to the SADC Trade Protocol;
•    Review and update documentation relevant to the TRF Programme pertaining to the EPA;
•    Contribute to the drafting of documents for technical, senior officials, Ministerial  and other meetings;
•    Contribute to the drafting of documents to ensure visibility, e.g. newsletters, publica-tions, according to SADC needs and EU visibility requirements;
•    Documentation of the operational plan for the EPA component to implement the TRF activities  agreed upon as well as development of indicators to monitor implementation progress against expected outputs
•    Preparation of Terms of Reference for studies and consulting services;
•    Other duties and tasks as may be requested by the Project Manager, Task Manager or Director of TIFI.

•    Advanced university degree in Economics, Trade-Law, Business Administration or related fields or relevant professional experience of at least eight years above the general and specific professional experience required below

General Professional Experience and Skills:
•    At least 10 years’ relevant work experience in progressively senior positions,  prefera-bly in ACP countries;
•    Fluent in spoken and written English with a working knowledge of French or Portu-guese being an asset;
•    Computer proficiency with commonly used packages like MS Word, Excel, and Power Point;

Specific Professional Experience:
•    Minimum of 5 years professional experience working on issues related to international trade and regional economic integration;
•    Demonstrated work experience on the implementation of trade related agree-ments;
•    Demonstrated work experience on issues related to the removal of NTBs;
•    Demonstrated experience in the area of trade defence instruments in line with WTO requirements (e.g. GATT 1994, and the Agreement on Countervailing Measures);
•    Demonstrated experience in the area of tariff structures and their impact on regional trade, preferably in the SADC Region;
•    Experience with revenue losses as they relate to the introduction of trade agreements;
•    Work experience with EPAs would be an added advantage;
•    Proven experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, in particular overseeing/ con-trolling and supporting the smooth project implementation  (incl. field support) by Member States (in technical and financial terms)
•    Experience in fund coordination would be an added advantage.

CV-Form: EU CV template

Contact Person: Romy Rösner