Research Manager / Associate Research Manager – Data & Analytics – Young 1ove

Primary Purpose:

You will play a key role in ensuring that as Young 1ove grows and evolves existing programs and develops new programs towards the goal of reaching 1 million youth in Eastern and Southern Africa with proven life-saving information. This includes analysis of large-scale randomized evaluation data in Southern Africa in the quest to bridge the ‘last mile of evidence’ – achieving both internal and external validity on ‘what works’ at scale. This also includes designing small-scale decision-focused randomized controlled trials to answer curriculum enhancement and delivery model questions. Moreover, you will be responsible for designing non-randomized M&E systems and tools to assess whether we are achieving impact at scale.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

● Lead project design and implementation and provide technical oversight on key quantitative research activities of the organization.

This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring activities are implemented with fidelity to the research design, planning and coordinating project activities as well as analyzing project data using Stata and reporting on results.
● Analysis of large datasets and translation into actionable insights and better decision-making on a day-to-day basis. This would include further analysis of the 42,000- person dataset from an RCT on an HIV prevention program to inform and re-design an evidence-based program update.
● Develop and maintain easy-to-use, useful databases for all field information; possible types of information including survey monitoring data, pilot data and more.
● Processing (cleaning, organizing and analyzing) data, production of reports containing relevant insights and conclusions as well as communication of data for academic and non-academic audiences.
● Conducting background research and literature reviews on current and new high-potential programs for Young 1ove and codifying theories of change to facilitate evidence-based program design.
● Survey design for Rapid Impact Assessments – a fusion of prediction & causal techniques – drawn from the technology sector (such as Google and Amazon) and economics, public policy and public health – to rigorously assess the impact of day-to-day changes made in our curricula. This enables us to get leading indications of impact before running large-scale RCTs.
● Occasional supervision of the Research Assistant(s) and Surveyors in activities such as surveying, monitoring, data entry, data cleaning and data analysis
● Collaboration across multiple departments and building out a small research team into a growing, cutting-edge rigorous M&E unit that fuses research and practice in-house for the organization.


Bachelor or Masters degree in economics, statistics, public policy, public health, or a related discipline from an internationally
recognized university; excellent working knowledge of STATA highly recommended.

At least 2-3 years of relevant experience in program design and/or evaluation, including the design and execution of surveys, focus groups, & interviews, preferably within the context of randomized controlled trials or scaled M&E systems and in low-income or developing country settings

Demonstrated ability to manage various tasks effectively & coordinate amongst project members and departments

Fluency in written and spoken English. Strong writing, technical and communication skills recommended.


Communication Skills — Strong written and verbal communications skills are essential, in particular, the ability to communicate
complex thoughts and ideas simply and effectively and tailor communications to the audience.

Ability to create “structure out of nothing” – Strong ability to turn a visual reality or imagined outcome into a codified set of
steps, actions and goals on paper.

Detail oriented – Can process, record and react to details relating to effective implementation and produce written work which
captures “the devil in the details.”

Self-Starter. The individual must be a highly motivated self-starter who can creatively ensure that the engagement between
different delegations (mainly Innovation, Curriculum and Research) is cohesive, while ensuring that the main decisions are

Energy, motivation and stamina — The role can be demanding and, at times, subject to external pressures for timely completion.
The candidate must be adaptive, creative, organized, and highly motivated.
Time period: 2-year contract, with potential for extension for 3-5 years pending performance.


Applications due November 8, 2017