Specialist Head of Regulatory Risk

Head of Regulatory Risk

Role Purpose

To design and build regulatory risk programmes that covers all related market conduct legislation by defining frameworks, standards and policies to operationalise NCA and FAIS.



Role Duties/ Responsibilities

 Monitor and Enforce Effective Control, Governance and Compliance Procedures

·         Control expenditure planning and reporting in area of responsibility, within approved budget parameters.

·         Increase operational efficiency and suggest solutions to enhance cost effectiveness



Build and Maintain Relationships with Clients and Internal and External Stakeholders

·         Contribute to sustaining a competitive edge through external networking and benchmarking and representation on related forums.

·         Develop networks and build alliances to build and strengthen internal support bases

·         Engage in cross-functional activities.

·         Collaborate across boundaries and finds common ground with a widening range of stakeholders.

·         Maintain and build relationships for purposes of expectation management, knowledge sharing and integration.


Service Culture

·         Develop and ensure implementation of practices which builds service delivery excellence and encourage others to provide exceptional service.

·         Monitor and coach behaviours that ensure a service culture which builds rewarding relationships, proposes innovations and allows others to provide exceptional service


Regulatory Change Management

·         Ensures that emerging legislation and the changes in relevant regulations are appropriately interpreted for impact analysis, internal policies and practices are aligned accordingly, stakeholders are sufficiently informed and enabled to comply (e.g. via communication and education interventions), and implementation of such changes is tracked


Risk Reporting

·         Ensure meaningful, timely, concise and comprehensive reporting of regulatory risks to governance committees & and relevant stakeholders

·         Manage and track Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and report on areas of misalignment


Regulatory Engagement

·         Manage/direct/contribute as appropriate to strategic regulator engagement within area of responsibility

·         Continually scan the industry to identify opportunities to create and leverage strategic partnerships with key regulators and bodies with a view to derive critical insights and influencing regulatory direction.

·         Establish and maintain professional and favourable relationships with regulators


Strategic Decision Making

·         Use insights and knowledge gained from high level reports to conduct abstract, conceptual and comparative analysis to define functional strategy


Implementation of Integrated Corporate Governance, Compliance, Integrity and Ethics Frameworks

·         Maintain expert knowledge on relevant legislative amendments, industry best practices and internal compliance procedures and requirements.

·         Ensure compliance is adopted in terms of systems and procedures as laid out

·         Design and implement a control framework to ensure the integrity of operations and practices.

·         Anticipate and apply and policies/procedures to manage and control both financial and non-financial risks to which the function(s), business unit(s) or region might be exposed.

·         Ensure compliance with audit requirements

·         Investigate and implement measures to correct audit findings


Define, Develop and Maintain Policies, Procedures, Standards and Frameworks

·         Understands and appropriately applies procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialised expertise

·         Investigate, analyse and develop organisational best practices; ensuring and encouraging adherence to an operational framework of policies and procedures

·         Participate in specialist communities of practice and contribute positively to own and organisational knowledge improvement

Minimum Requirements

  • Bcomm(Law),Bcomm degree ,LLB degree or engineering degree.
  • Diploma in Compliance management will be advantageous
  • CISA registration
  • 10 – 15 years experience in regulatory risk management