Standard Chartered Bank Vacancies – Head, Branch Operations

Head, Branch & Proximity Operations function is responsible for the service delivery optimization, execution of and continuous improvement initiatives, overall channel governance, and the people agenda for the key servicing staff across the Retail Banking Channels. This role strives to drive a good balance among customer experience, efficiency and effective control across channels.


In summary;

· Formulate and lead integrated service and operations proposition and strategy across channels

· Set service delivery performance standards/targets across channels

· Synchronise and coordinate cross channel execution of service delivery, interface with ITO & other functional areas

· Formulate and lead transformational initiatives

· Own and set governance standards and run PGC (Channel Heads remain as Operational Risk Owners)

· Align on delivery of service across channels

· Vendor management for vendors covered under the Proximity Channels (ATM and mobile)

Key Responsibilities;

Customer experience & Relationship Management

Service Delivery

  • In collaboration with country Channels Head and County head of CR – jointly set and own annual service performance targets, capacity planning and budgets to balance customer experience, operational efficiency and control effectiveness
  • Monitor BAU service performance against targets via dashboard/review operating rhythm, maintain across channel business
  • Synchronize/coordinate across channel execution and migration of service delivery
  • Provide intervention on service delivery as required
  • Ensure service delivery of vendors/service Providers to ensure adherence to SLA


  • Work with relevant parties to formulate and lead continuous improvement/transformational initiatives
  • Interface with ITO and other functional areas for key initiative implementation across the branch network

Risk management & Control

  • Work with Country Head of CR to establish and run management operating rhythm/governance structure in branches
  • Own and set governance standards within CR by working with other Retail Banking Management Team members to oversee material risks, determine the level assurance required, and ensure they are properly mitigated

  • Coordinate audits and work with Compliance to ensure regulatory requirements are met within RB channels. Track relevant internal and external audits and appropriate management actions as performed by the responsible person identified in the audit report
  • Jointly with the Head of CEPG and Retail Clients, responsible for ensuring relevant policies, procedures and standards are effectively implemented across the business
  • Ensure vendors are managed as per the Vendor Management Policy

Health & Safety roles and responsibilities

  • Ensure all relevant local HS& E legal requirements, Group HS&E standards are complied with at the workplaces where they have operational control
  • Ensure line reports are adequately trained with necessary skills and knowledge to manage HS&E risks relevant to their assigned jobs

  • Support the implementation of Group HS&E targets and programs
  • Ensure HS&E risks are identified and appropriate risk mitigation actions are implemented to provide a safe working environment for their line.
  • Ensure that accidents, incidents are recorded, reported , investigated and that lessons learned are implemented
  • Ensure new employees are given appropriate HS&E induction

Ensure you remain alert to the risk of money laundering and assist in the bank’s effort in combating it by adhering to the key principles in relation to: identifying your customer due diligence, reporting suspicions, safeguarding records and not disclosing suspicions to customers. Ensure your staff is trained in combating AML.

Career development
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