URGENT HIRE: TIMBER STORE KEEPER ( Hardcore position-TIMBER knowledge a pre-requisite)**Please do not apply if you have not worked in the industry or do not have product knowledge of timber

Timber Store Keeper needs to execute on the following (its an insanely high pressure job…And, if you are not committed and do not have attention to detail; please do not waste your valuable time)
1. Ensure the sanctity of the timber department is without doubt; ensuring stock is neatly packed and kept; controlling dispatch; daily reconciliation of stock and ability to take responsibility by thwarting theft/mismanagement/damange
2. Highly responsible and accountable; needs to have a strong back to take the daily pressure and grind
3. Bi-Lingual ability a must

If interested please drop your applications in the BOX kept at reception at Fair Price under “TIMBER STORE KEEPER”

FAIR PRICE IS LOCATED at Plot 14399 New Lobatse Road G West Industrial ( Opposite KFC G-West there are a chain of hardware stores..Fair Price is located right next to her sister concern Electric Junction).

Please do not contact us on landline or any of our representatives.

Application Deadline is November 3rd Friday. Feel free to refer people for this post. We are more interested in qualified candidates who are already working for hardware/building materials store and have a desire to up their career trajectory with more responsibility.