United Nations Development Programme: Evaluation Specialist – Gaborone

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Botswana’s Vision 2036 is ambitious and transformational. It “aims at transforming Botswana from an upper middle-income country to a high-income country by 2036” (Preamble). Vision 2036 recognises and identifies several persistent challenges that continue to hamper Botswana’s ability and capacity to “escape the middle-income trap” To address these challenges the government of Botswana has, over many years, implemented many national programs. Given the high investment by the government into these national programs and the many targeted thematic programs the expectation is that the development outcomes would be much greater and Botswana should by now have graduated out of its long stay as a middle to upper middle country. There is now renewed hope that some of these challenges can be addressed during the roll out of the Vision 2036 and National Development Plan [NDP 11].

Vision 2036 identifies key lessons from previous experiences of implementing national development plans in Botswana which include:

  • The need for a strong delivery system that will ensure effective implementation of policies and programmes that are geared towards the attainment of Vision 2036.
  • The imperative of an effective monitoring and evaluation system that focuses on promoting effective collection, analysis, use and access to high quality administrative data and data from periodic surveys and censuses.

The NDP 11 also makes similar observations that, because of implementation capacity constraints and limited commitments to effective monitoring and evaluation systems; a lot of programmes and projects under the NDP 10 suffered long delays and substantial cost overruns.

Continued concerted efforts are therefore required to ensure that Vision 2036 and NDP 11 policies, programmes, projects and initiatives are implemented efficiently, monitored and evaluated effectively to achieve national economic diversification and inclusive growth, sustain the national imperative to eradicate poverty, and consequently realise the targets set under the global Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development. 

The Ministry for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration (MOPAGPA) is providing the leadership and championing the Vision, 2036.To assist the government to monitor the progress a Vision 2036 Council and Coordinating Agency was established in 2017.

It is within this context, that UNDP wishes to support the Office of the Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration with an Advisor with expertise in monitoring mechanism to ensure integration, coordination of inter-sectoral national programs, and accountability in tracking and evaluating progress on NDP 11 and Vision 2036. The Specialist will be located at the Office of the President (OP) on an advisory capacity and will be under the primary guidance of the Permanent Secretary (MOPAGPA) and the UNDP Resident Representative. The Specialist will provide technical support to ensure that Vision 2036 Council and the Coordinating Agency run effectively.

She/He will advise on an integrated approach to conducting evaluations of national policy and programs including cross-cutting themes. The Specialist will also encourage objective evaluations that are designed and managed to assess the performance of the development initiatives of the Government to assess and report on their relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of results.

The Specialist will work in close collaboration with various government units charged with the responsibility of implementing key national planning and development frameworks in order to ensure a whole-of-government approach to reporting on development results, identifying key lessons learned and challenges in the implementation of development initiatives.

The Specialist will provide technical support to the four (4) thematic working groups envisaged by NDP 11 in order to increase their efficiency and capacity to plan, implement and track implementation of national programs as envisaged in NDP 11 and Vision 2036.