The primary purpose of the position is to maintain excellent housekeeping standards, to ensure guest satisfaction and a future return. The Laundry Attendant is expected to provide prompt, courteous, friendly and professional service to guests at all times. They are responsible for maintaining superior quality service for guests. Performing their jobs on a daily basis, they are required to be detailed in every aspect of their work while maintaining an efficient pace. The Laundry Attendant will adhere to all rules and guidelines as set to all department employees.

Shift Duties:
– Assist Room Attendants when necessary;
– Clean and maintain all laundry room equipment and linens;
– Ensure efficient and proper operation of laundry equipment;
– Greet each guest politely and proved them with the help they require accordingly
– Handle and store all cleaning agents according to set regulations;
– Identify and report any linens that is not in good condition
– Keep laundry area organized and clean;
– Supply an adequate amount of linens for Room Attendants to properly complete all duties;
– Train and assist new employees with techniques and procedures;
– Work with fellow employees and executive housekeeper to achieve the standards of the laundry.
1. 3 years’ experience as Laundry Attendant
2. Must be reliable and hard working
3. Attention to detail is a must.

Clean guest rooms as assigned, ensuring the hotel’s established standards of cleanliness. Responsible for reporting any maintenance deficiencies and handling guest requests or complaints. Ensures the confidentiality and security of all guest rooms.

1. Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards.
2. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.
3. Anticipate guests’ needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.
4. Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas
5. Use correct cleaning chemicals for designated surfaces accordingly.
6. Empty trash containers and ashtrays.
7. Remove soil, dirt, soap build-up and hair from bathroom mirrors, sink, toilet, shower walls, bathtub, shower curtain and floor.
8. Replace facial, toilet tissue and bathroom amenities in correct amount and location.
9. Inspect condition of bathrobes and replace soiled/damaged ones.
10. Remove dirty bed linen and make up bed with clean linen.
11. Replace laundry bags and slips.
12. Clean closets and door tracks on check-out rooms, removing dust. Ensure correct amount and placement of hangers, extra blanket/pillow and luggage rack.
13. Dust and polish all furniture.
14. And other duties assigned by the manager.

1. 2 years’ experience as Room Attendant.
2. Must be reliable and hard working
3. Attention to detail is a must.
4. Good communication skills

Hotel housemen work behind the scenes, maintaining and cleaning the hotel. They help housekeepers, clean hallways, take out trash and clean other parts of the hotel, such as its floors and doorways. They also respond to guest requests and help provide customer service

1. Hotel housemen help members of the hotel’s housekeeping staff clean and maintain rooms.
2. They may flip mattresses, separate soiled linens, stock housekeeping supplies and help clean bathrooms and other guest areas.
3. Housemen also clean lobby furniture, and frames and empty ashtrays, in areas where the hotel allows smoking.
4. Hotel housemen may also handle a hotel’s lost and found.
5. Make sure that the room attendants are provide with clean linen.
6. Replacing air conditioning units and/or filters.
7. Hotel housemen should know how to resolve basic and standard problems, respond to requests and help make sure that guests enjoy their stays.
8. Vacuum the carpets on the passages and make sure that they are always clean at all times.
9. Replace amenities in the rooms.

1. 2 years’ experience as a Houseman
2. Must be reliable and hard working
3. Attention to detail is a must.
4.Must have good communication skills

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Closing date 24thNovember 2017