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CV Writing



• Why should a recruiter believe your “eye for detail” when your CV is full of typos, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors?

• You say you are good with computers but your CV is a default MS Word formatted CV?

• What does a disorganised, incomplete and poorly-designed CV say about you?

• How can you prove you can market a potential employer’s product or service when you can’t effectively market yourself?



Making of CVs takes 24 -48 hrs depending on the size of your CV and customisation.

We make the CVs electronically and provide you with a PDF and Word document via email or WhatsApp, which you can edit and or print as per your preference.

Pay with EWallet to 76981238 or Orange Money on number 76981238 or Mascom MyZaka  on number com MyZaka 71431046


Personal Information required in that format below

Date of Birth: 23 October 1980

Nationality: Motswana

Gender: Female / Male

Marital Status: Married / Single / Divorced

Identity Number: 490894130

Languages: English, Setswana

Please send us your old CV.

Send us this information too:

1. Passport size photo or any neat professional Photo. (Optional)
2. If you have any Awards you received please send us the details e.g. Best Worker of the Year 2018 (Edgars)

As for awards can you please provide them in this format or send us the pictures of certificates


Issued By:


3. Dates and School Name of JCE, BGSCE and Degree/ Diploma or any professional courses.

Please note that Education should have start dates and end dates e.g.

BGSCE – Lobatse Senior School – Start date: 2006 – End date 2009

4. Send us a list of your Technological Proficiencies ( computer software/applications you are well versed with  e.g. Pastel Accounting)

5. Tell us the job you are targetting (or you want to apply for – we will customise your CV for that job)

6. Tell us  about your skills e.g. Social Media Marketing skills – For a Marketing Job Position

7. Referees (at least 2 traceable referees) in this format below:

Contact Name:


Company Name:





8. Trainings Attended ( Certificate of Attendance related training) Any training you have attended is important. We will determine which suites the job you are targetting.

As for professional certificates can you please provide them in this format or send us the pictures of certificates

Course Name:

Issued By:


9. What are your core competencies – remember these are not only your skills but a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish yourself in the marketplace for the targetted job.

10. Papers written ( Have you ever written a term paper, project paper, research paper etc? If so, we want to hear and see it.)

11. Have you ever attended any conferences, spoke at any conference, featured at any conference? If so, we want to hear about it.

12. Which social clubs are you into? JCI, Rotaract, etc – Some companies need to know such information. Social responsibility is a key core competency to some companies e.g. Banking Sector.

13. Have you ever been called for Fellowship? Given a grant, bursary or a Scholarship? Tell us all about it.

More details will be asked after you have contacted us.

Changes: After making the CV, we allow free editing or changes within 48hrs of receiving the CV. Thereafter you will be charged for changes at P30 per job.

Due to more than 10 unpaid CVs we shall nolonger make CVs before payment.

If you want a CV you make payment  to show committment.

Best Regards

Jobs Botswana Team


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