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Advise when job hunting – Do not get Scammed

Misinformation is the reason why scammers exist. They prey on the desperate. Here are some helpful tips when dealing with job recruitment agencies;

1. Under no circumstance should you ever pay any amount of money to a recruitment agency. Whether it’s a booking fee, registration fee, P5 SMS to reply to a post, paying for uniform, medicals, processing fee etc.

If you are asked for money in return for a job then just know that it’s a scam.

2. Do your research. Google the recruitment agency, if they do not have a website then it’s a scam. Google the address, there are reviews linked to those address where people are warning the public about these scammers and that they operate at these particular addresses. Read the reviews.

3. Call the company these recruiters say that they work for. Ask the company which recruitment agencies do they use and if they work with that particular recruitment agency you’re trying to get information about. If they don’t work with that agency then you know it’s a scam

4. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I mean where have you heard of a bank teller/receptionist/cashier job where you only need JCE, no experience and get paid P7 000pm ???

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5. Be wary of the SMS’s telling you that you got a job you didn’t apply for . If a legitimate company wants to offer you an interview they’ll call you using …wait for it….a company telephone, not a personal number. Same goes for the SMS’s that come from personal numbers.

6. Trust your gut feelings/ intuition. If you feel like something doesn’t add up or doesn’t feel right then just know that there is something fishy going on with that recruitment agency.

Stay safe and happy job hunting.

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