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Employer: BRIP Africa | Agency

While the GM has middle managers to reporting to him/her, responsible for the execution of plans and programmes, the GM still overall responsibility for the following areas:

  • Legal compliance and matters
  • Financial matters
  • HR matters
  • Infrastructure and related services
  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Day to day operations that support the reservations processes


  • Legal Representation – Articulation and clarification of legal considerations of running business for Managing Directors;



  • Strategic Management – Together with the Managing Directors, determine the annual strategic management plans, providing key input on issues related to HR, Infrastructure, Information Technology, Knowledge Management and Finance.



  • Financial Strategic Management – The overall financial strategy needs to optimise the return on investment for the shareholders in line with the risk profile and risk management strategy of the company.


  • Operational Management – The GM is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the following functional areas: Operations, HR, Finance and Infrastructure and Services e.g. cleaning, gardening, IT, receptionist services.


  • People Management – Working with HR to ensure an optimal resourcing support exists for the General Manager and that each manager in the team in turn ensures an optional structure for his/her team, that accurate job profiles exist for each job with clear standards for performance


  • Project Management – Conceptual work is thorough, detailed and sound. There is evidence of lateral and strategic thinking.


Candidate Requirements


A three year tertiary qualification with majors in relevant business areas is required e.g. accounting, management, human resources, business planning etc.  At least 10 years of relevant experience is required of which at least 5 years has been at the middle management level of a moderately sized organisation.


Relevant experience includes of

  • Middle management experience including managing his/her own team of at least 5 staff; managing processes and systems; managing budgets
  • Excellent Financial management experience including determination of budgets, budgetary control, budgetary reconciliation, determination of financial indicators and financial reporting
  • Some risk management including identification of risks and solutions to manage risks and the implementation of monitoring of this
  • Fair legal experience including administrative handling of diverse contracts
  • Excellent people management experience in terms of managing own team of staff including the determination of strategic plans; supporting managers in achievement of goals; monitoring of progress; dealing with problems; finding solutions; the performance management of staff; training of these staff; disciplinary of staff is required.
  • Ideally, some human resource management experience covering the various HR functions
  • Ideally, experience in the travel and tourism industry
  • Track record of excellent performance, service delivery and continuous improvement
  • Track record of being able to handle multiple demands under pressure
  • Track record of using technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Track record of providing leadership in change initiatives



  • Understanding of the social, political, economic challenges facing the company, at the global and national levels and the implications of this for the company
  • Ability to think creatively and innovatively
  • Strong people management skills with a consultative and inclusive style, able to building consensus and commitment to new initiatives
  • Ability to develop, articulate and implement strategic goals
  • Ability to represent the company and act as an ambassador for the company



  • Personal credibility and an ability to engender respect and instill confidence in people at different levels within the company
  • Unquestionable personal integrity with a keen sense of fairness, able to balance competing demand
  • Commitment to transparent management
  • High level of personal responsibility and company obligation with a results focus and a strong sense of accountability
  • High level of professionalism and conduct that will enhance the reputation of the company
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with an ability to relate to staff at different levels as well as from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Actively seeks feedback, able to withstand criticism and use constructive criticism to improve



  • High level strategic abilities
  • Sound policy development and implementation skills
  • Strong decision-making skills: able to be objective, flexible but decisive
  • Excellent organisational skills (able to plan, prioritise, manage time, implement plans, deal with problems as they occur)
  • Sound research and analysis skills (able to do necessary research in field to identify possible solutions, evaluate these solutions along criteria and make recommendations bearing in mind the conditions and needs of SD)
  • Excellent administrative skills (accurate, systems minded, able to handle large volumes of paperwork, good computer skills)
  • Strong Communication skills in English, written and oral (able to write reports, communication via letters and emails, do presentations, speak face to face)
  • Systems minded: Ability to develop, implement and maintain systems including the use of technology to drive efficiencies and to ensure effective knowledge management

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