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Job Purpose

To facilitate the development of corporation-wide strategies; translate these into actions; monitor corporation wide performance; and report on the effective execution of these strategies. The incumbent will identify business risks and develop risk mitigation strategies; manage a three tier Corporate Performance Management system; and provide services to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as to all the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Directors and Corporate Support Units (CSU) managers. The incumbent will also have overall responsibility for formulation of strategy development and corporate performance management policies and standards and compilation of the Corporation’s Business Plan.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities

Manage the development, monitoring, implementation and reporting of the Corporate Performance Management system;

Ensure the availability and implementation of the Corporation and Business Unit Business Models;

Manage the Corporate Strategic Planning process and facilitate the strategy alignment at all levels of the corporation;

Ensure the development of the Corporation’s Business Plan;

Ensure the implementation of a comprehensive communication and learning process to ensure alignment of SBU’s and CSU’s operations with the strategic agenda;

Implement and maintain a corporate strategy and performance management Business Intelligence System; and

Develop and maintain the Corporation business risk profile.




Key Performance Indicators​​

Strategic direction of the corporation is managed

  • Corporation and Business Unit Business Models exist and are implemented throughout BPC
  • Strategies at all levels of the organisation are aligned to the agreed strategic direction
  • Strategic Business Unit and Corporate Support Units business plans are integrated
  • A corporate strategy and performance management Business Intelligence System exists and is maintained
  • Corporate performance is reported on as per set timeframes
  • Information obtained inform future operations of BPC
  • The Board is satisfied with the corporation ‘s Strategic Agenda and Business Plan
  • Business risks are managed
  • Business risks are identified as per the Business Intelligence System
  • Control measures are in place to avoid, or at least limit risks
  • Measures are taken to address specific risks to the CorporationFinancial

    Costs are contained

  • Corporation initiatives (programmes) are within set financial parameters
  • Operations completed remain within set budget
  • Financial benefits of the Corporation are managed
  • Financial benefits emanating from Corporation initiatives (programmes) are realised as per the scoping activities
  • Short term business objectives are aligned with long term financial plans
  • Corporate Performance Management operations are directed towards ensuring healthy financial statusCustomer

    Efficient communication is ensured

  • All relevant stakeholders are kept informed
  • Reporting structures are in place to ensure effective communication to all parties concerned (directly and indirectly).
  • Organisational change is managed
  • Change Management strategy, policies, and procedures exist and are implemented
  • Change management is actively driven when strategic direction requires
  • Employees are continuously informed of relevant changes, improvements or developments within the BPCInternal Process

    Corporate alignment is ensured

  • Strategy alignment occurs at all levels of the corporation and integrates operations of SBUs and CSUs
  • The corporate strategy planning process is managed as per set programmes and timeframes
  • An integrated corporate calendar is complied annually
  • Service delivery of each SBU and CSU is executed as per agreed standards and targets
  • A commercial culture is created and maintained
  • Time Management is adhered to in all corporation operations
  • Activity definition, sequencing, duration and estimating activities are effective
  • All operations are optimised to ensure service delivery within allocated targeted timeframes
  • All stakeholders deliver services as per their responsibilities, and to the minimum quality standards agreed.
  • Human Resource strategies are integrated into the overall corporation strategic agenda
  • Organisational Human Resource needs and utilisation is aligned to the Corporation’s strategic agenda
  • A strategy is developed and implemented to maximise resource utilisation
  • Reports are provided at set timeframes that indicate and forecast the scope of continued utilisation of  specific categories/groups of human resources
  • Value system alignment is achieved
  • Goal alignment is achieved.
  • BPC adheres to a philosophy of long-term, sustained growth
  • Human Resource needs, parameters and assumptions are set annually
  • Competent and experienced employees have clear career paths within BPC
  • BPC employees experience a high level of job satisfaction and the levels are measured at pre-determined intervals
  • Succession plans are developed and implemented throughout the organisation.
  • Employees are competent and motivated
  • A high –performance team culture exists
  • Employees understand, accept and support  the new business model
  • Continuous improvement is implemented in all operations within the corporation
  • Personal Development Plans(PDPs) are in place and implemented for individual employees
  • All employees are assessed annually in terms of the BPC Performance Management system
  • A minimum of a relevant degree from a recognised university
  • A post-graduate degree in Commerce will be an advantage

Additional qualifications in Management will be an advantage

  1. A minimum of eight (8) years relevant post- qualification experience in top level Management positions

Experience in the field of Strategic Management, Corporate Performance Management, Business Model Development and Programme  Management is essential


  • Managerial competence
  • Technical competence
  • Strategic thinking
  • Project Management
  • Business acumen
  • Customer – focussed
  • Problem –solving
  • Team leadership skills
  • Results- focussed
  • Analytical thinking
  • Business Orientation
  • External Environment Orientation
  • Legislative competence
Job Challenges

​Ensure alignment and synergy of organisational models to integrate corporation specific, SBU and CSU strategic goals and operations;

Identify and manage Business Risks that may impact negatively on the successful implementation of the new Business Model; and

Analyse environmental changes, forecast business outcomes and ensure the readiness of the corporation to address resulting changes to the strategic direction.




  • This job has expired!
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