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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – Botswana Power Corporation

Job Expired

Job Purpose

​​​To organise, coordinate and supervise operations of the Mechanical Department Section in order to ensure that plant maintenance is carried out to acceptable standards for optimal plant availability and reliability in accordance with the safety and engineering standards.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities

Strategic Planning


Develops and/or delivers elements of a strategic planning system with guidance from management.

Operational Management


Provides operational support services and sometimes acts as first-line supervisors of a transactional operations area while using existing systems and protocols.​ Supervises the implementation of approved changes in the mechanical design and operating procedures of plant and equipment to enhance plant efficiency and reliability. Reviews condition monitoring data and makes recommendations on maintenance plans. Monitors departmental stock and inform the Materials’ department on stock level adjustments in accordance with consumption or recommends the replacement of obsolete equipment.


Installation, Maintenance and Repair


Troubleshoots and diagnoses equipment and systems for emergency repairs, performs preventive maintenance inspections, assists specialists in setting up and testing new products/processes and installs complex systems with ​guidance.​ Provides technical assistance for repair on plant and equipment and directs necessary modifications. Prepares maintenance programs and procedures for approval and ensures implementation in accordance with set standards to optimise plant availability, reliability and performance.


Contract Management​


Delivers required outcomes by managing day-to-day relationships with contract service providers and working within an established contract management plan. Monitors and supervises work of contractors and commissioning of major repair work, modifications and general outages to ensure compliance to specified standards.

Client & Customer Management (External and Internal)


Helps senior colleagues manage client and customer relationships by using existing systems and protocols. Supports internal customers to ensure their needs are met and/or helps senior colleagues manage client relationships.

Solutions Analysis

Identifies and evaluates complex expertise-led solutions against a range of criteria to find the ones that best meet business needs.




Performs prescribed procurement activities using existing procedures to support others.


Performance Management


Takes responsibility for implement a team’s performance management systems with guidance from senior colleagues.


Data Collection & Analysis

Works independently to collate and analyse data using pre-determined tools, methods and formats.

Prepares statistical records of operations of mechanical plant and equipment.




Highlights shortcomings and suggests improvements in current compliance processes, systems and procedures within assigned unit and/or discipline.


Budgeting & Costing


Takes responsibility for delivering a prescribed budget for own area of the organization and/or conducts complex analyses on budget progress in other areas while working within established systems.


Improvement / Innovation


Identifies shortcomings and suggests improvements to existing processes, systems and procedures, then delivers a plan for a small element of a change management program with guidance from a project/program manager.


Knowledge Management


Delivers prescribed outcomes for area of responsibility by working within established knowledge management systems. Maintains records of mechanical repair and service work and records of mechanical plant and equipment.


Policy Development & Implementation


Develops procedures for area of expertise with guidance from senior colleagues, then monitors implementation of those procedures within the Power Station.


Product & Solution Development


Delivers prescribed outcomes from a designated part of the development/engineering program by selecting the best possible approaches available within established systems.


Project Management


Delivers own small-scale or medium-scale projects by working within an established program management plan.


Safety, Health and Environment


Operates in accordance with policies and rules, while performing routine safety checks on own equipment and workspace.

Contributes to the development of risk assessments.


  1. Performs periodic spot checks to ensure that safe work practices are adhered to as well as controlling the standard and quality of work performed.


A relevant degree in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent.

Membership of a recognized professional engineering institution required.


A minimum of 5 years relevant post qualification experience of which, at least 2 years in a management capacity.

Knowledge and experience of the electricity industry in general and power generation in particular will be an advantage.

Experience in a maintenance environment required.

A minimum of 2 years’ experience in planning and managing resources to deliver predetermined objectives as specified by management




Service Delivery

Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to deliver required services that meet quality standards.

Technical Support

Works independently using comprehensive knowledge and skills to guide and train others on identifying and diagnosing technical problems, then resolving those problems by choosing the best authorized solution.

Computer skills

Supports business processes without supervision by understanding and effectively using standard office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical guidance as needed.


Negotiates without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on how to help the organization by obtaining consensus between two or more internal or external parties who may have different interests.

Review & Reporting

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on creating relevant, lucid and effective reports.

Engineering Technology

Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to act independently while guiding and training others on how to get results using new and advanced engineering technologies.

Engineering Technical Operations Support

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on identifying and diagnosing operational problems, then developing engineering solutions to resolve those issues.

Engineering Implementation

Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to act independently while guiding and training others on implementing engineering designs, evaluating outcomes and then making improvements as needed.

Data Management

Works under guidance (but not constant supervision) to acquire, organize, protect and process data to fulfill business objectives


Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to achieve full compliance with applicable rules and regulations in management and/or operations.

Data Collection and analysis

Works under guidance (but not constant supervision) to analyze data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.

Policy and Regulation

Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to interpret and apply knowledge of laws, regulations and policies in area of expertise.

Review and Reporting

Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to review and create relevant, lucid and effective reports.

Risk Management

Identifies, assesses, prioritizes and manages risks in a production process with guidance (but not constant supervision)

Managing Change

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on maintaining high performance while applying a change mindset to the planning, execution and monitoring of business activities during times of change.

Verbal Communication

Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills with guidance (but not constant supervision) to express ideas, request actions and formulate plans or policies.

Policy and procedures

Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on developing, monitoring, interpreting and understanding policies and procedures, while making sure they match organizational strategies and objectives.

Planning and Organizing

Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.

Health and Safety

Applies comprehensive knowledge and skills to independently manage and apply safe systems of work while providing guidance and training to others.




Collaborative Influence

Win the hearts and minds of others across boundary collaborations and to do the right thing, regardless of formal authority. Specifically, invites individual cooperation; for example, inviting the sharing of alternative solutions or viewpoints.

Organizational Commitment

Aligning one’s own behaviour with the organization’s needs and acting in a way that promotes the organization’s goals. Specifically, shows loyalty; for example, promoting or defending the organization’s reputation.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Works cooperatively as part of a team and collaboratively with peers, internally and externally. Specifically, values others’ input; for example, actively bringing people together around a specific problem.

Responsibility for Safety

Focuses on safety, strives for high standards in safety, health, environmental performance and sets a new standard. Specifically, raises standards; for example, setting and working to meet standards that are higher than legal requirements or previous corporate standards.


Acts proactively to avoid problems or identifies and takes advantage of opportunities. Specifically, is proactive; for example, recognizing and acts on current opportunities or problems and takes action.

Understanding Others

Takes an active interest in other people. Seeks to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hears the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others. Specifically, shows interest in others; for example, asking questions to demonstrate an interest in learning about others’ backgrounds, interests or experiences.


Responds to differences and changes in the internal or external context, taking a flexible approach to reach business outcomes. Specifically, acts flexibly in the moment; for example, altering his/her behaviour to fit the situation or get the job done.

Approach to Thinking

Thinks through situations of varying degrees of complexity and ambiguity, in order to understand them clearly. Specifically, sees basic relationships; for example, identifying simple cause and effect, or pros and cons

Attention to Detail

Manages, tracks and attends to multiple pieces of information, bringing order and clarity. Specifically, checks own work; for example, using systems such as checklists to ensure accuracy.

Drive for Results

Focuses on assessing, measuring and improving performance. Shows drive and determination to meet short- and long-term goals. Specifically, improves performance; for example, enhancing and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.


Job Challenges

​Ensuring continuous availability of power (no blackouts)​

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  • This job has expired!

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